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Plates on the wall

Model: ТР 01-05
Internet store «Zgarda» offers a universal gift that will appeal to all fans of Ukrainian traditions. The carved plate with the image of the temple on Hutsul mountains background will find its rightful place in the home of every Christian believer. Hutsul craftsmen make these plates according to a..
200.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-06
Such ancient craft as a dry Hutsul wood carving has been reflected in a carved plate from Internet store «Zgarda». Here you can buy handmade wooden souvenirs from folk craftsmen who have mastered the skill of creating carved plates. These products are created with the help of special tools. Patter..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-07
The traditional technique of Hutsul masters of wood is relevant even today, therefore in the Hutsul region such carved plates are made. A so-called dry carving is used for this product which helps to make very beautiful original things. The carved plate is used for decoration of the dwelling, hous..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-18
Many know about Ukrainian tradition to adorn homes with decorative plates, besides nowadays this custom is preserved. Depending on the region of residence, wall plates are slightly different in manufacturing color scheme and a method of applying decoration. Today we present the Hutsul version of t..
160.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-23
Wood carving is very common in the Hutsul region. The history of this art form goes back to antiquity. Probably that is why nowadays handmade carved products of wood are so appreciated. People with pleasure houses, summer cottages, apartments, presented them in the form of souvenirs or gifts. Carv..
600.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-34
Decorating the interior with handmade items is popular and fashionable. In particular, one of the striking elements on the wall is a painted plate. As a rule, it is bright, catchy, painted with noticeable juicy colors. If you choose from Hutsul plates, which are famous for their traditi..
100.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-02
The magnificent beauty of the Carpathian Mountains will not leave anyone indifferent, especially those who at least once in their lives visited the Carpathians. Magnificent valleys with their famous peaks of the mountains, densely overgrown with firs, cool crystal clear waters of the fast mountain..
300.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-08
We offer a wonderful carved plate on a wall, made of natural wood. The product is decorated with a beautiful pattern in floral theme – it is a traditional Hutsul ornament that bears the good. With the help of simple tool nowadays, you can create a stylish fashion item of the interior. It is made e..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-10
Connoisseurs of interior items in ethnic style should definitely pay attention to the Hutsul carved plates with various ornaments. A plate will find its rightful place on the wall in every home and is a great decoration. Nowadays, handmade things, ancient manufacturing technologies of various prod..
250.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-11
Dry wood carving – the ancient craft of Hutsul masters, is famous throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders and is considered to be one of the most virtuosic crafts. These products introduce diversity into the interior of the dwelling, inhaling an authentic national atmosphere into it. Carved ..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-12
Internet store «Zgarda» offers to your attention online catalog of the famous Hutsul carved plates at a reasonable price. Delicate skilful dry wood carving will not live anyone indifferent, because such products emit a lot of positive energy, with which they were endowed by sun and the Carpathian ..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-13
Woodcarving is common all over Ukraine, especially in the Carpathian region. The most famous is dry carving on wood from Hutsul masters. Ancient wood processing technology with applied carvings in the form of ornament on it is passed from generation to generation. A special positive energy of thes..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-14
Symbols and images that come to us from the ancient times of paganism are displayed and used in Ukrainian folk crafts with the help of dry wood carving. The famous Hutsul carving on fruit trees is known throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders. It is not surprising, because such skilful carvi..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-15
Internet store «Zgarda» offers to all who are interested in handmade wooden products to get acquainted with a large variety of goods, which is assembled for you. These are folk art items from Carpathian masters who faithfully keep and pass from generation to generation the ancient technology of dr..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-16
The wood carving technique is not new, it has come to us from ancient times and nowadays it is very relevant. Therefore, as a rule, home decorations are made in reliance on traditional woodworking techniques. Plates on a wall are not exceptions. Today you have the opportunity to buy such items in ..
160.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-17
Суха гуцульська різьба - це древній традиційно український спосіб декорування виробів з деревини за допомогою різноманітних різців. Завдяки майстерності народних умільців, з дерева можна отримати найнесподіваніші прикраси для дому, серед яких великою популярністю в народі користуються тарілки різь..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-20
If you need an unusual décor in a traditional style for house, you should definitely buy the plate carved from a fruit tree. The most beautiful carved plates our masters makes of apple, pear, walnut, cherry and sycamore. Depending on the raw material for the workpiece, the plates obtain different ..
100.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-33
The most ancient craft of Hutsul craftsmen, the dry wood carving is famous throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders and is considered one of the most virtuoso. Such products make a variety in the interior of the dwelling, breathing in it an authentic national atmosphere. Carved plates are dec..
120.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-04
Internet store «Zgarda» offers to your attention unique handicrafts made of natural wood with the famous Hutsul dry carvings. Dry wood carving is a handmade masterpiece of the Carpathians craftsmen it is very popular among tourists coming to rest in the Carpathians. Famous oval plates with the ima..
200.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-03
The ancient Slavic traditions in varying degrees are associated with paganism, and involuntarily they are displayed in the works of famous masters of the Carpathian, which are famous for their dry wood carving. Hutsul main motif is displayed in the carving on oval plates, it is a flower with petal..
100.00 грн.
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Plates on the wall

Carved handmade wooden plates, made in the traditional technique of Hutsul masters – the dry carving, are the best presents, which will decorate interior of any of any room, give an authentic flavour of Ukrainian atmosphere and Carpathian villages.

Carved plates made of natural wood are essential items of decor. The suspended ceiling and cupboards, walls and kitchen shelves can be decorated with them. Carved plates look great alone and in groups. The great advantage of wooden plates with traditional Ukrainian carved patterns – they fit harmoniously into the interior of any room.