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Box 23х16х10 (SHK 01-98) Box 23х16х10 (SHK 01-98)
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Model: ШК 01-98
A box of wood - this is without exaggeration the symbol of world culture. The casket was such a secret of secrets and secrets and to this day remains a reliable shelter for small valuable things, such as jewelry, jewelry, documents, etc. Historically, it was the case that at first ..
850.00 грн.
Model: ШК 02-12
Probably, every fan of handmade products knows that it is often possible to buy a casket with thread imitation, as real handmade work is done by professional craftsmen and is a rarity. And if we talk about dry Hutsul carving, then the product with its elements can be found only in the homeland of ..
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Jewelry-box  10х10х8 (ШК 02-02) Jewelry-box  10х10х8 (ШК 02-02)
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Model: ШК 02-02
A casket for small things - can not this be useful in every home? Undoubtedly, a casket of modest size (10x10x8 cm) will not be superfluous, if small chains, rings, earrings have nowhere to put. It is clear that the craft of the Hutsul edge does not require much space, it is very compact, accurat..
300.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  12х7х8 (ШК 02-03) Jewelry-box  12х7х8 (ШК 02-03)
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Model: ШК 02-03
It's no secret that jewelry for a woman is something valuable that requires careful treatment and needs constant care. The place of storage of jewelry should be appropriate, as a rule, it is a casket. The mass of materials is used in the manufacture of boxes, but a special niche is occupied by a ..
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Jewelry-box  13х13х10 (ШК 01-05) Jewelry-box  13х13х10 (ШК 01-05)
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Model: ШК 01-05
If you need a beautiful wooden jewelry-box with carving, we recommend paying attention to the version «ШК 01-05». In the photo you can see all the details of this box, but it should be separately said about the carving. The dry wood carving is performed in the Hutsul region. Such production techn..
250.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-27
If you need a reliable and durable jewelry-box for storage of money and all kinds of jewelry, we offer to take a look at the interesting model with pictures in Hutsul theme.The jewelry-box is convenient for using, has an openable top, on which the patterns are masterfully applied, using the ..
350.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-08
Once the handmade jewelry-boxes from masters were highly valued, so only the wealthiest people could afford to buy such thing. In those days people kept the most valuable items in the handmade jewelry-boxes. Now you can also select and buy the box of all versions, decorated with the precious stone..
150.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  17х8,5х9 (ШК 01-51) Jewelry-box  17х8,5х9 (ШК 01-51)
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Model: ШК 01-51
With the assimilation of such natural material as wood, ancient masters began to make different handcrafts, and a jewelry-box was among them. This ancient accessory was so practical and irreplaceable, that came to us through the centuries and remained the same demand. Modern wooden box is diverse..
1 000.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-31
If wooden furniture and accessories dominate in your interior, we recommend buying a jewelry-box, which will perfectly feet into your design. It is a jewelry-box «ШК 01-31» that was made of high-quality natural wood by Hutsul masters.The casket for valuable things is a box of traditional sha..
450.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-50
Nowadays wooden jewelry-box considered to be one of the oldest. And it is justified by the fact that people initially have mastered a wood processing. The uniqueness of this accessory is its relevance in all ages. Even in this century casket of wood is extremely popular and is made everywhere.T..
1 500.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-10
People used to store small valuables or jewelry in jewelry-boxes. This small box is surrounded by legends and myths, as in ancient times, it kept the most unusual things, including cold steel. People also brought gifts in it. In the modern world mini caskets are still in demand, but their use is ..
600.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  19х10х8 (ШК 01-34) Jewelry-box  19х10х8 (ШК 01-34)
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Model: ШК 01-34
We present to the attention of customers the original Hutsul handmade jewelry-box. The cost of this accessory is justified with a workmanship of performing the manufacturing process by the craftsmen, honoring the traditions of their people and using the ancient techniques in the production of mod..
1 850.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-89
We present to the attention of customers the original Hutsul handmade jewelry-box. The cost of this accessory is justified with a workmanship of performing the manufacturing process by the craftsmen, honoring the traditions of their people and using the ancient techniques in the production of mod..
1 800.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-60
We offer to present a wooden jewelry-box as an original souvenir. Wooden carved casket of small size is a great functional item, which will also decorate the interior of your room. The jewelry-box dimensions are 16х16х11 сm. A lot of jewelry can be stored in such small jewelry-box. This casket is ..
2 800.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  21х10х9 (ШК 01-56) Jewelry-box  21х10х9 (ШК 01-56)
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Model: ШК 01-56
Versatility of Hutsul boxes strikes. They are so diverse that sometimes it is not very ease to choose from plenty of variants. Today «Zgarda» store offers a wide range of wooden jewelry-boxes. Our store has a great choice of handcrafts, and among them there is the jewelry-box «ШК 01-56». Master, w..
850.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-20
Beautiful wooden jewelry-boxes are made by the folk craftsmen from the Hutsul region. Masters of wood make traditional boxes for jewelry. The dry wood carving technique is used, and as a result we get beautiful original handmade jewelry-boxes. In the core of the product are natural wood and beaut..
850.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  21х11х11 (ШК 01-22) Jewelry-box  21х11х11 (ШК 01-22)
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Model: ШК 01-22
To store jewelry right, it is worth using a jewelry-box. Excellent caskets are made in the Hutsul region, where the products are performed of the natural wood by hand. The result of the qualitative hand work is the main ornament itself – the wood carving. On carved jewelry-boxes masters apply patt..
900.00 грн.
Model: ШК 01-41
It is no secret that fashionable women love all kinds of jewelry. The easiest way to determine place your jewelry is using the fancy jewelry-box. Now handmade items gain more popularity. It is more pleasant to store jewelry in a beautiful wooden box from the Hutsul artisan, besides it can miracul..
200.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  21х11х9 (ШК 01-52) Jewelry-box  21х11х9 (ШК 01-52)
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Model: ШК 01-52
Here you can see the author's work of well-known Hutsul craftsman – the wooden jewelry-box «ШК 01-52». It is made using the traditional technology with application of wood carving and is encrusted with beads and metal. The jewelry-box is made of natural Hutsul walnut wood. The color of the product..
950.00 грн.
Jewelry-box  22х13х12 (ШК 01-63) Jewelry-box  22х13х12 (ШК 01-63)
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Model: ШК 01-63
A jewelry-box with two improvised locks will serve as capacious storage for any items. From now on, the problem of storing all little things is solved, because they will always be at hand. Hutsul jewelry-box has a number of advantages, including original design, beautiful patterns, generous encru..
1 600.00 грн.
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Ukrainian carved jewelry-boxes of natural wood, made by hands of the Hutsul masters – are great presents, which in addition to aesthetic pleasure will bring functional benefits – storing of women's jewelry.

Since ancient times, jewelry-box made of wood - is the best souvenir for women of any age. Wooden boxes can be very different – decorated with traditional Hutsul dry carvings, beads lined with brass snaps and loops, antiquated. The size and shape of boxes of wood is quite varied – you can choose the small and large, in the form of coffret and casket.

Handmade Hutsul jewelry boxes of wood are unique and inimitable.