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Model: ГБ 01-02
Bath and sauna are places with high fluctuations in temperature and humidity, therefore the selection of a thermometer for a bath requires a special approach. First of all, the thermometer must have a suitable temperature scale. Bath thermometer "GB 01-02" is designed for temperatures in the range..
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Model: ГБ 01-03
A steam room thermometer is a must. Being in conditions of elevated temperatures, it is important to control the bath process from and to. Moreover, any temperature fluctuation is undesirable. So, in the sauna or bath can be too hot (which is unsafe and promises various health complications). At t..
350.00 грн.
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Buy sauna thermometer - online store
The presence of a thermometer is necessary in every bath and sauna, since it is very problematic to correctly determine the temperature without this simple device, based only on sensations. At the same time, to know what temperature is in the sauna or bathhouse, and to control it, of course, is necessary for reasons of safety of people taking bathing procedures.
When choosing a thermometer for a steam room, the following criteria should be followed:
• type of thermometer (capillary, switch, electronic and measuring stations);
• temperature minimum and maximum on the scale;
• case material and its quality;
• resistance to high temperatures and humidity.
The most accurate include digital and capillary thermometers. The switch device does not show the temperature very accurately, but it is a budget option and can be used in pairs. In addition, arrow thermometers have a beautiful design.
Measuring stations are more expensive because they combine the functions of measuring temperature and the level of humidity in the room.
In the case materials, preference should be given to models that do not heat up, in order to avoid burns if accidentally touched. Online store "Zgarda" recommends giving preference to thermometers in a wooden case made of Carpathian hardwood.
When choosing the location of the device, it is necessary to take into account the features of each type, for example, an electronic thermometer is not installed in the sauna or bath itself, but behind the door, in the dressing room, and only the sensor is displayed in the steam room itself.