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Works of art

Model: ТР 01-05
Internet store «Zgarda» offers a universal gift that will appeal to all fans of Ukrainian traditions. The carved plate with the image of the temple on Hutsul mountains background will find its rightful place in the home of every Christian believer. Hutsul craftsmen make these plates according to a..
200.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-06
Such ancient craft as a dry Hutsul wood carving has been reflected in a carved plate from Internet store «Zgarda». Here you can buy handmade wooden souvenirs from folk craftsmen who have mastered the skill of creating carved plates. These products are created with the help of special tools. Patter..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-07
The traditional technique of Hutsul masters of wood is relevant even today, therefore in the Hutsul region such carved plates are made. A so-called dry carving is used for this product which helps to make very beautiful original things. The carved plate is used for decoration of the dwelling, hous..
150.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-18
Many know about Ukrainian tradition to adorn homes with decorative plates, besides nowadays this custom is preserved. Depending on the region of residence, wall plates are slightly different in manufacturing color scheme and a method of applying decoration. Today we present the Hutsul version of t..
160.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-23
Wood carving is very common in the Hutsul region. The history of this art form goes back to antiquity. Probably that is why nowadays handmade carved products of wood are so appreciated. People with pleasure houses, summer cottages, apartments, presented them in the form of souvenirs or gifts. Carv..
600.00 грн.
Model: ТР 01-34
Decorating the interior with handmade items is popular and fashionable. In particular, one of the striking elements on the wall is a painted plate. As a rule, it is bright, catchy, painted with noticeable juicy colors. If you choose from Hutsul plates, which are famous for their traditi..
100.00 грн.
Model: Б 01-16
It is quite possible to make an excellent inexpensive, but presentable gift to your boss or relative, because you can buy traditional Ukrainian mace with thorns and rich carvings.The handmade product «Б 01-16» is made by Hutsul masters of natural wood, using ancient technique. The mace is de..
250.00 грн.
 Mace 50х20 (Б 01-10)
Нет в наличии
Model: Б 01-10
A great gift to man, appreciating the national idea. This mace is infiltrated thro with the patriotic spirit of the Ukrainian people.Made of cherry wood by masterful hands of Ukrainian artists, it is a masterpiece of decorative art. With a rich and interesting history, this weapon is shroude..
600.00 грн.
Model: КД 01-21
On this page of the website visitors of our store can purchase a hunting trophy. The stand with horns is made in the Hutsul region by masters of wood carving. Natural linden wood is used for the product and it is this kind of material is a core and a frame of the antlers. The antlers..
8 000.00 грн.
Model: МД 01-03
We offer to buy a wooden handmade car as an original present. For every modern child is important to receive as a gift any interesting toy. On this page you can see a wooden model of the car – the best present not only for children, but also for the collectors.A mini model of rare car, is prese..
220.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-26
Wooden chess is an unusual present that can surprise a true fan of board games. After all, these are three games at once in one: chess, backgammon and checkers loved by many. A souvenir made of wood fits neatly into every interior, such is the peculiarity of wooden products. In add..
900.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-25
A game with a long history is also relevant in the 21st century. Chess is popular among adults, youth, as well as in families with children, therefore it is an excellent gift for those who love intellectual games. If you prefer souvenirs from Ukraine, we recommend the wooden chess ..
1 200.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-01
Admirers of strict classics of the genre should definitely buy a wooden chess. Internet store «Zgarda» offers to choose the model that can be successfully combined with conservative and modern elements. Once it was the war game, distributed in India, nowadays is very popular in our country.H..
4 000.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-16
For those whose hobbies are chess, we recommend the Hutsul version of the popular game, which is able to interest the most experienced player. Chess "SHD 01-16" with elements of dry thread and beads inlay have a little secret - the game includes chess, checkers and backgammon. The ..
3 600.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-17
The elegant field for playing chess has a model "SD 01-17". It is made of wood, does not include artificial materials, is made in brown-white color scheme. The natural color of the walnut tree is not covered with paints, it looks natural, therefore, a natural wood pattern is seen in the form of l..
3 900.00 грн.
Model: ШД 01-23
Admirers of strict classics of the genre should definitely buy a wooden chess. Internet store «Zgarda» offers to choose the model that can be successfully combined with conservative and modern elements. Once it was the war game, distributed in India, nowadays is very popular in our country.H..
4 500.00 грн.
Model: НД 01-07
Make an unexpected present to a friend or fellow and give him the Carpathian wooden knife. It is made of natural ecologically clean wood and steel and is a subject that deserves to be in the collection of every real man. The blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, the sheath – of natural w..
250.00 грн.
Model: ДЛ 01-03
This beautiful wooden plane is a wonderful gift for the child, because children like to arrange real fights and play with different planes. At the same time, wooden airplane is desired in the form of a present for adults, because the model is good for collections and as a decoration of the room. T..
200.00 грн.
Model: СД 01-13
For the extraordinary man with a good sense of humor Internet store «Zgarda» offers the most various souvenirs, which are able to surprise, please and cheer up. Among them you will find, for example, the measurements for men made of wood with printed inscriptions. This is a cool accessory that wil..
60.00 грн.
Model: ПД 01-38
Who does not remember those magic vareniki from NV Gogol's book "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" and a colorful hero with mystical abilities. Vareniki now and then jumped into sour cream, and then - right into the mouth of Puzatomu Patsyuk. The scene is really memorable, bright, that's why it is..
950.00 грн.
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Works of art

Handmade art products made of natural wood with the use of folk motifs and ancient Hutsul traditional technologies of wood processing, handmade carvings, they will emphasize the originality of the interior, will give it a colorful note.

Articles, made of natural wood, are truly magic items, as well as the material of which they are made. Jewel-boxes, maces, wooden decorative plates, figurines will create an atmosphere of comfort and harmoniously, fit even in trendy modern interiors, and this is not surprising, because the tree is pleasant to the touch, there is a desire to touch it. It is beautiful and durable material.