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Men's embroidered shirts

Model: ВЧ 01-01
Men's embroidered shirt is a symbol of courage. Only in the case of embroidery of such clothes by the hands of a mistress who puts into her work soul and inspiration, embroidery and embroidered patterns on it have the strength of their spirit.   Represented on this page embr..
3 500.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-02
Men's embroidery is a symbol of the strength of which the shirt is endowed by the artist himself with his inspiration and pure soul. Embroidered handmade embroidery of national Ukrainian ornaments provides special energy.   We offer to choose a beautiful stylish modern model of flax. On a..
4 500.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-03
Men's shirt with embroidery is a symbol of the Cossack spirit! Every modern Ukrainian has to wear a stylish and beautiful embroidery in her wardrobe.   Wonderful plant ornament is made of threads of pink and beige shades. It is advantageously combined with white flax, from which the shirt..
2 000.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-04
For stylish Ukrainians we recommend a fashionable vivid vintage with an ornament, traditional for the famous cosmetics embroidery. The combination of juicy colors of white, burgundy and pink gives the product an elegant solemn appearance. In such an embroidered shirt, you can visit any festive eve..
2 600.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-05
We present you a beautiful men's embroidery with a beautiful national pattern, made of white and beige threads. Traditional hand-embroidered shirt on flax with rich ornament on the front, rack, cuff sleeves and bottom of the product. The rack is decorated with a national decoration of threads of g..
2 600.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-06
After some calm, the popularity of the Ukrainian embroidered shirt, which is a symbol of courage and the Cossack spirit of spirit, is reviving. An exclusive men's vyshyvanka, made in a unique ethnic style, perfectly demonstrates love and respect for the traditions of our ancestors and to Ukraine i..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-07
According to the old Ukrainian tradition, a craftsman who works with embroidery should definitely invest in his embroidery with his soul, skill and good wishes, then the shirt could serve as a shield, protect from the "evil eye" and bring the owner of embroidery health and good luck. The symbol of..
2 500.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-08
Every Ukrainian is a patriot of his native land. The spirit of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks flits over our land and, seeing the embroidery, the true man imagines himself protecting our native Ukrainian land on a hot horse with a sword in his hands.   Embroidery of men's "HF 01-08" with short..
4 200.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-09
Embroidered shirts for men are perfectly harmonious with both classic trousers and jeans. For those who prefer a free style, they will be just by the way. The original embroidery that adorns the shirt will give the husband confidence and independence, refresh the color of the face, emphasize coura..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-10
Zgarda's online store offers a wide range of men's embroidery, which allows any man to pick an embroidered shirt to your liking. Note that embroidered shirts differ from each other not only with material and pattern, but also a crochet. The proposed models can be used in the summer (they have a sh..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-11
If you want to buy clothes that has the power of ornament and spirit, we offer to buy a man's embroidery with a very rich handmade embroidery from the Hutsul master. On this page of the site is presented a refined men's shirt with a classic rack. The product is embroidered with traditional pattern..
3 600.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-12
Very beautiful chiffon embroidered man's handmade ornament. Collar-rack and feather products embroidered with colored threads. Blue cornflowers in the frame of a geometric pattern look very impressive on a white canvas. The pattern repeats at the edges of short sleeves. This embroidery is suitable..
3 600.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-13
Embroidered shirt as the brightest symbol of our country is now very popular. These beautiful clothes were worn by our ancestors. Ornaments on a man's shirt, embroidered by hand, carried magical power.   We introduce the Hutsul embroidery from the home-made cloth with a traditional cross-..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-14
To buy an embroidered vesture that really protects and has the power of ornamentation, one should prefer only handmade. For example, a male embroidered shirt "HF 01-14" from the online store "Zgarda". It is made of home-made cloth, which is known to be of excellent quality and is often used to mak..
2 800.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-15
The combination of a white home-made cloth, rich Hutsul ornament and the skill of an embroidery creates a real Ukrainian men's embroidery, which you can always buy at on favorable terms.   In front of you - a hand embroidery, which gives clothes a special force. The geometri..
3 800.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-16
A modern man should look stylishly and courageously, for this he needs original clothing. Undoubtedly, such clothes are Ukrainian embroidered, refined, practical and comfortable. You can wear it for a business meeting, a holiday, a celebration and just for an ordinary walk around the city. Such an..
3 200.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-17
Very charming and solemn vyshyvanka from the housewarming canvas, embroidered "white on white". Undoubtedly, such a shirt is worn on all sorts of celebrations, holidays and business meetings with partners, as if emphasizing the importance of these activities.   Despite the fact that the e..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-18
Regardless of the season, sometimes a person wants a holiday. There is no need to wait for any official holidays, you can simply create them by yourself. To do this, go to and see a large catalog of embroidered men's shirts with elements of the famous cosmic embroidery. If you buy on..
2 400.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-19
Ukrainian embroidery is a symbol of the strength of the spirit of the Ukrainian people. The embroidery expresses the beauty of the Ukrainian land, its history and energy. We present you another classic embroidery with a long sleeve, embroidered on the cosmetics technology of our wizard. For all em..
2 800.00 грн.
Model: ВЧ 01-20
The most expensive and qualitative type of cotton fabric is a home-made cloth, which has been used for sewing clothes for a long time. We introduce embroidery on the home-made canvas, very fashionable in the season both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Such an embroidered shirt is perfectly ..
2 400.00 грн.
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Men's embroidered shirts
The traditional Ukrainian folk men's embroidered shirt, made by Hutsul masters in the Ukrainian folk style, is an indispensable item of clothing in the wardrobe of every modern Ukrainian man. And it's no joke! In today's world, the popularity of men's embroidered shirts is growing every year.
And all because more and more attention is paid to the revival of folk traditions, Ukrainian national customs, authentic Ukrainian clothing.
Today, the embroidered Ukrainian men's shirt is not only a bright stage costume, it is a full-fledged item of clothing, which is worn not only on national Ukrainian holidays, but also on any other solemn and important events - weddings, matchmaking, baptisms, homelands.
The modern men's embroidered shirt combines those styles that are difficult to combine at first glance: it is also youth clothing for holidays and parties, it is also a shirt for a business suit.
Every thread, every color, every pattern and ornament - everything protects, increases success and happiness, preserves love. You can buy an embroidered shirt with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine.