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Model: ГЖ 01-23
To add the brightness of the image is easy, using the Hutsul adornments from the Internet store «Zgarda», such as silyankas and gerdans. This is an ancient ethnic jewelry for women, which has always been in demand. Nowadays gerdans have a new surge of popularity. Hand work, national motifs and be..
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Model: ГЖ 01-27
Neck adornment of beads, called silyanka, has come to us from the past centuries, but nowadays it is still popular and demanded. Once silyanka was an obligatory element for the Hutsul woman dress, that's why today this kind of adornments is made in Hutsul region in particular. Usually people orde..
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Model: ГЖ 01-22
Technology of machine weaving is widespread in the Hutsul region and is used in the manufacturing of women’s adornments, for example, such as gerdans and silyankas. Traditional Ukrainian adornment for women is made of bead according to ancient technology. Once gerdan had a lot of popularity, but ..
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Model: ГЖ 01-42
Silyanka «ГЖ 01-42» is made of Ukrainian beads by one of the Carpathian masters. It consists of beads of several colors and matches perfectly with the clothes, in which black and beige or white and beige color gamma dominates. It can be the national Ukrainian suits, shirts or clothes in a contemp..
450.00 грн.
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Silyanka, made of beads is an ancient women’s adornment that was worn by the Ukrainian women. It is a solid straight or a jour strip that fits snugly to the neck. It ties or fastens to a hook on the back. It was braided of multi-colored beads on the hair or textile-based with the geometric ornament. It width is from 0.5 to 4 cm.

Silyankas was worn around the neck by a one strip or two or three narrow strips of different colors and patterns. They were connected with several threads of glass beads, corals.

Original jewelry, made in the traditional Ukrainian style is a perfect addition to the female image.