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Model: ГД 01-02
The main purpose of clock is to show the exact time to its owner. However, the clock can be a great addition to the decor of your country house or cottage, thanks to the excellent handwork on wood, with which they are adorned. Despite the wide variety of modern multi-functional electronic watches,..
700.00 грн.
Wooden clock  30х17х7 (ГД 01-10) Wooden clock  30х17х7 (ГД 01-10)
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Model: ГД 01-10
If you need to buy a luxury clocks for the living room, we recommend model «ГД 01-10». In addition, they are ideal for cabinet or office. This stylish handcraft has a natural color of wood and looks great on the background of wooden furniture. However, nowadays, you can combine different material..
1 000.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-04
Wall clock made of valuable wood emphasize the solvency of their owner, his respectability. The mechanism is enclosed in a framework made of such durable and beautiful woods like oak. The product is distinguished in the interior on the wall, dresser or table background regardless of the decorative..
550.00 грн.
Wooden clock  35х115х4 (ГД 01-12) Wooden clock  35х115х4 (ГД 01-12)
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Model: ГД 01-12
We offer to pay attention to quite unusual clock for the wall. Dimensions of the product are 35х115х4 сm. The material from which body of the handcraft is made – is natural walnut wood, tinted and lacquered.  The product is extremely refined, as evidenced by delicate hand carvings and th..
3 900.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-08
We offer desktop clock with handmade carvings is a great solution for home or office. When making a modern interior design experts often use a wooden clock. Carved wood body is a wonderful frame for high-quality clockwork. In addition, this chronometer is always desired in the house, because it is..
850.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-15
Nowadays, it is fashionable to decorate the interior with wood items that perfectly match with furniture, have a natural warmth and ecological compatibility. Now you can find completely unimaginable designs and buy watches of any configuration, but the model "GD 01-15" is closer to the traditional..
1 400.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-01
Internet store «Zgarda» offers to get acquainted with the amazing handmade clock. Men would surely like this clock due to its design and functionality. Since ancient times, handmade clocks were symbols of refined taste and wealth. After all fine skilful work of master is highly valued among peop..
4 500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-17
It would be incorrect to assume that a clock in the form of a violin will suit a present only for a real musician or music connoisseur. Beautiful forms of the instrument are like many people. Therefore, in the office, and in a cozy home environment, the wall clock in the original wooden frame will..
900.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-19
Watches in the author's design, although they do not have a strange wooden mechanism, can compete for a worthy place in a beautiful interior. A feature of the Hutsul wooden clock is the famous dry carving and beading.   It is worth noting that not simple wood in the wooden case of the mod..
850.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-18
In the modern interior, attention is paid to details, objects from unique corners of the globe, handmade crafts, author's products. The theme of the sea, freedom, ease was repeatedly raised by designers for many years, to this day it is fashionable. Urban apartments and country houses willingly m..
1 900.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-11
Internet store «Zgarda» recommends original wooden clock. You can make a memorable and exclusive gift and to please a close person or a colleague at work, buying him the clock model «ГД 01-11». Hutsul masters are famous for wooden products, and this clock is made in a special design. It is made of..
1 500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-07
Centuries have passed since the first wall clock was invented. During this time the clock has undergone some changes both in appearance and in structure. However, no matter how many years have passed, people have always wanted to have a reliable clock mechanism in order to know the exact time. And..
4 500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-16
Watches in the author's design, although they do not have a strange wooden mechanism, can compete for a worthy place in a beautiful interior. A feature of the Hutsul wooden clock is the famous dry carving and beading.   It is worth noting that not simple wood in the wooden case of the mod..
2 200.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-09
Floor, wall and table clocks, without doubt are needed in every home. It is a timepiece, which always shows the exact time. But nowadays it is important that it was not only accurate, but also beautiful. Such clock can always be purchased at the online store of Hutsul souvenirs «Zgarda». Here are ..
500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-03
Internet store «Zgarda» offers beautiful handmade table and wall clock from Hutsul masters, which will decorate your home. For the production of such clock high-quality types of wood, such as walnut or oak are used. Carvings, the highest art with which the Carpathian hillfolk are famous for, are w..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-05
There is a tradition in every home to hang the clock on the wall. Often we dispose a wall clock above the door or in another convenient location in the kitchen and in the room. Thanks to the clockwork we always know what time it is, and it is quite convenient. Pointer clock is very popular, becau..
1 500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-06
The inner world of owner of the house is never better emphasized by the clock. In fact, table and mantel antique clock point to the person who cares about its reputation and prosperity. Buying a wooden clock with unusual shape you will emphasize the interior in a favorable light and show yourself ..
6 500.00 грн.
Model: ГД 01-13
Connoisseurs of interior items in the old style should look at this clock model from the Internet store «Zgarda». The magnificent wall version will not leave indifferent the true admirer of status things. Having a high quality clock, means to have a symbol of wealth and refined taste. It should ..
5 500.00 грн.
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From ancient times to the present day handcrafts of natural wood are considered to be a magnificent element of decoration that can bring warmth, comfort and incomparable flavor to any interior. One of the most successful and stylish accessories for the decoration of residential and office premises are the handmade wooden timepieces.

Rich selections of these products, made by hand of skilled Hutsul craftsmen that are masters of folk techniques of artistic woodworking, are presented in the Internet store «Zgarda» catalogue.

There is an opportunity to get acquainted with an assortment of colorful timepieces on the «Zgarda» website and buy wooden clock for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, friend or colleague at a low price.

If you order the wooden products, you will not regret it, because all the products are high quality, durable, functional and firm. Each position corresponds to the highest quality standards and meets the most stringent sanitary standards.

We have carefully and responsibly approach to the formation of each order and provide prompt delivery of purchases throughout Ukraine.