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Model: КВ 01-01
In the sauna and bath can not do without a convenient and practical bucket bucket. It is always hot in the steam room, high temperatures are dangerous for the skin, so it is important that the bucket is made of wood that will not burn your hands in the highest bath temperatures. Note that Carpathian..
120.00 грн.
Model: КВ 01-02
In the sauna or bath you need special buckets, which collect water from a bucket. For these purposes, we recommend buying a bucket model "KV 01-02".Scoops, created specifically for use in baths, are cut from special species of wood so that they were easy to use. Masters follow the rules of creating ..
200.00 грн.
Model: КВ 01-06
It will not be difficult for the most sought-after buyer to choose a bucket bucket, as the Zgarda online store offers many different options for ladles. They are all made of wood, but each model has its differences. Basically, scoops differ in design.Thus, the bucket "KV 01-06" has dimensions of 40x..
120.00 грн.
Model: КВ 01-04
There is no easier and more affordable way to decorate your bath than to buy wooden bath accessories. They are practical, have a long service life, excellent quality and, of course, look good. The wood used in their manufacture is always associated with a bath or sauna. That is why wooden objects ha..
55.00 грн.
Model: КВ 01-05
Напевно, багато шанувальників лазні погодяться з тим, що немає більш зручного способу черпати воду, ніж використовувати дерев'яний ківш. І в правду іноді деревина - саме той матеріал, без якого не обійтися. Банний ківш для відра з натурального дерева - це аксесуар, створений майстрами Гуцульщини...
250.00 грн.
Model: КВ 01-03
A true fan of the bath knows that a bucket of water is needed in the steam room. We are talking, of course, about the wooden bucket, an important attribute of procedures in the sauna or bath. It is small in size, and it is convenient for them to draw water in small portions to pour it on hot stones...
150.00 грн.
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Add a park? Gather water in buckets? There is nothing easier if you have a deep ladle made of natural wood. Water hot stones? You also can not do without such a ladle. What is this item? This is a small round wooden container with a long comfortable handle. The ladle is used for pouring, it is the ladle that pours water into buckets and steamers, it is with the help of this object that water is exposed to hot stones. Bath ladles are usually made of linden or oak.
Equipping the bath or sauna with all the necessary accessories and items, do not forget to buy a wooden ladle made by Carpathian craftsmen from the most environmentally friendly material - wood, otherwise the bath will be incomplete.
Made of high quality wood, it is not afraid of moisture, it is pleasant and comfortable to hold and, importantly, quite safe, as it has a long handle, which provides from water splashes, hot steam. Natural wood saturates water with nutrients, transmits to it all the vital energy, and thus gives the whole bath procedure a huge health effect.