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Handcrafted Embroidery

Model: ГЖ 01-23
To add the brightness of the image is easy, using the Hutsul adornments from the Internet store «Zgarda», such as silyankas and gerdans. This is an ancient ethnic jewelry for women, which has always been in demand. Nowadays gerdans have a new surge of popularity. Hand work, national motifs and be..
320.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-19
Our masters braid gerdans with a variety of national patterns, combining folk traditions with modern ideas about jewelry. Such adornment is equally good for casual clothes and elegant dresses so you can wear them with any clothes, the main thing is to find a suitable coloring.Gerdan is an ad..
150.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-28
Gerdan with Hutsul motives «ГЖ 01-28» can fascinate any woman. It is made of red and white beads and has a very elegant look. Masters of Hutsul region makes these gerdans only by hand. For this handcraft manufacturing masters use high quality Czech beads which have an excellent view and a long ter..
400.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-29
Gerdan is a necklace in the form of two strips, connected in the center by the medallion. During the process of this ancient jewelry manufacturing master uses beads, which is placed on a solid foundation so the combination of colors makes beautiful patterns. Three shades of blue beads are taken fo..
400.00 грн.
Model: РВ 01-38
The famous Hutsul embroidered towels are known all over the world. Numerous tourists visiting the Carpathians are pleased to bring with them as embroidered souvenirs these embroidered products, which are the hallmark of Ukraine. Only natural fabrics are used for embroidery of towels, such as a wov..
450.00 грн.
Model: РВ 01-02
The famous Hutsul embroidered towels are known all over the world. Numerous tourists visiting the Carpathians are pleased to bring with them as embroidered souvenirs these embroidered products, which are the hallmark of Ukraine. Only natural fabrics are used for embroidery of towels, such as a wo..
550.00 грн.
Model: РВ 01-39
Ukrainian embroidered towel is a charm in the house. Probably in every family there is such rarity, which is inherited from the great-grandmother to the granddaughter as a symbol of well-being, peace and warmth in the house. The ancient origin of Ukrainian embroidery is also confirmed by archaeol..
700.00 грн.
Model: ВЖ 01-17
We offer to buy Hutsul folk embroidery from a home-made canvas with embroidery with red and black threads and with a net. You can buy embroidered clothes as a casual outfit or as clothes that you will wear from special dates.We draw your attention to the fact that in ancient times people wer..
950.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-13
The original performance of jewelry of bead does not leave indifferent any women, because hand made adornments are always appreciated. Transcarpathian masters are famous for their folk handicrafts and one of them is braiding gerdan. Ethnic women's jewelries are very popular in our time, and it is..
150.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-37
If you have an embroidered shirt with embroidery in blue colors, you will definitely need a belt that is made in traditional Carpathian style by masters that braid belts of the Ukrainian beads. The belt is presented on this page of the website, and you can buy it by making a click o..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-36
Lovers of unusual folk adornments should definitely buy a belt of beads from the Carpathian masters. Because such belts are performed by hand, using traditional braiding method. In that way beads of several colors are connected to the Ukrainian national patterns that carry certain symbols. The cl..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-38
We introduce the belt of beads with patterns «roses», which is often used in the embroidery of the Ukrainian people. This belt is an addition for embroidered shirt with embroidery in floral theme in red and black colors. Ornament in the form of roses and leaves is braided on the white background...
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-00
Women’s Ukrainian costume looks especially nice with a belt, which is made in accordance with the ancient traditions of our people. Such a beautiful accessory will successfully emphasize the waist and complement national dress. Nowadays women Ukrainian folk embroidered shirts and colorful handmad..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-24
What can be the best addition to the national costume? Of course, it is a belt made in Hutsul region. If you have already purchased an embroidered shirt and want to buy something special, you should certainly pay attention to the range of women's belts in the Internet store «Zgarda». Here you wil..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-25
On this page of our website is presented a rich and incredibly beautiful women belt. It is suitable for those who want to find a bright accessory that successfully complements the national costume or any other clothes.Original Ukrainian embroidered shirts have found a new life long since, th..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-40
A hand made product «ГЖ 01-40» is a belt, braided of high quality beads. Ukrainian beads of different colors are used, so a master gets bright colorful handcraft. Ornament is made in a floral theme. Carroty, red, white and black color beads make wonderful composition attached to the fishing line ..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-41
Women’s belt that is made of Ukrainian beads is a perfect decoration for the national style clothes. It is an essential element for the Hutsul folk costume and enough relevant accessory for the modern dress. It is worn with clothes of various styles and is truly unique adornment. The belt is made..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-34
Ukrainian costume is often complemented with beautiful beaded belts, such as «ГЖ01-34». Nowadays handmade adornments, which are made by masters of Western Ukraine, are much in demand among the buyers, and it is not surprising. It is very stylish to combine elements of national costume with modern..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-35
We recommend belt of beads «ГЖ 01-35» as a bright spring accessory. This adornment is made of master from Hutsul region and consists of white, red and black Ukrainian beads. The skillful combination of traditional Ukrainian colors looks incredibly impressive in the finished product. The national ..
450.00 грн.
Model: ГЖ 01-39
A belt of bead will help to stand out from the crowd and make your image unique. Women’s belt «ГЖ 01-39» is a very nice stylish hand work adornment, which is made by one of the Carpathian masters, using beads of several colors. With plexus of purple, pink, yellow, white small beads master get uni..
450.00 грн.
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Handcrafted Embroidery
Ukrainian embroidery can be called a symbol of health and well-being, beauty and ancestral memory, since ancient times it is considered a symbol of happiness and mutual love. Embroidered shirts and towels protect against adversity and, therefore, are talismans. Especially strong talismans are embroidered shirts and towels embroidered with red threads. That's where the saying came from: "Will he be born in a shirt!", That is, to be under the protection of a reliable talisman.
Traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts are very popular, which is why you can buy embroidered shirts not only in Ukraine today, but also far beyond its borders! The popularity of Ukrainian embroidery is understandable - original, with an authentic design, with bright patterns - it gives the shirts a unique look. From time immemorial, embroidered shirts were made by hand, and they were timed exclusively to certain occasions and rituals.
Ukrainian shirts are an item of clothing that accompanies a person throughout life. They were worn by babies, girls from an early age were taught to embroider, sew and embroider shirts.
Towels were given for weddings and baptisms, they blessed the newlyweds. Songs were composed about him! You can buy an embroidered shirt and towels for every taste and for any event in our online store, made by Hutsul craftswomen, they will bring positive energy to the house and give a good mood!