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Children’s Crafts

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Children’s Crafts

Woolen products are not rare in the children's wardrobe, and it is not without purpose. Because wool is perfect even for little kids. Its properties (hygiene, thermoregulation, practicality, breathability and many others) are ideal for children's clothes. That is why in our day crafts for kids are made of this natural material, it is considered one of the healthiest and most importantly, children like such handcrafts.

A thin layer of natural wax, which is on a woolen yarn, allows saving things unspotted, clean and dry. Whatever the weather, there is a sure way to keep your child warm, buying him clothes of natural wool. Angora articles such as mittens, gloves, socks, scarves, booties, and many others, will protect child from the cold and disease, and their care, warmth and comfort will give him a good mood in any weather.

We recommend the Hutsul children’s crafts made by hand at low prices in the Internet store «Zgarda» and your children will have the most comfort and soft clothes from Ukrainian manufacturer.