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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-41)

Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-41)
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-41)
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  • Model: ВЧ 01-41

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Exquisite embroidered shirt from a home-made cloth or poplin with an ornament "star", embroidered with Ukrainian acrylic threads that do not melt in the process of washing. The rich ornament of embroidery in maroon tones emphasizes the courage of the ruler of the shirt, which will become his amulet, because the positive energy of the mistress, who has raised this shirt, is aimed at goodness and success. The embroidery miraculously combines with classic trousers, denim clothing and a free style of clothing. Such an embroidered shirt can be worn on the occasion of your birthday and any other holiday.
Buying an embroidery man's "HF 01-41" will not hit the wallet, because when it is manufactured, a special technology is used - the embroidery is carried out separately, then sewn into the product. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost of embroidery. Zgarda online store has a large catalog of embroidery of different models with any difficulty of embroidery. If desired, an embroidered shirt can be ordered with a long sleeve or with a short one.

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