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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-36)

Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-36)
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-36)
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We introduce a shirt for a man in Ukrainian style made of natural summer fabric. The collar is steady, feather-wares and the edge of a long sleeves are decorated with traditional Hutsul handmade patterns. The ornament is embroidered separately from the shirt with burgundy shades. There are vegetable motifs in the ornament, which successfully combine with geometric elements. On the background of a white canvas, this pattern is especially spectacular, it perfectly adorns the product and makes it gorgeous. As a material for sewing embroidery is used poplin or home-made cloth.
Features of the model "HF 01-36":
• Embroidery sewn in a shirt;
• Long sleeve;
• Collar-stand with Hutsul decor - a string with tufts in a tone of embroidery;
• Post the cover.
For the embroidery of the ornament, the artist uses Ukrainian acrylic yarns that are resistant to rubbing and stitching. Embroidery remains bright and beautiful for a long time. Production technology allows you to reduce the price as much as possible and give the opportunity to all Ukrainians to buy embroidered vest with beautiful handmade ornamentation.


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