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Woman mittens (ША 01-38)

Woman mittens (ША 01-38)
Woman mittens (ША 01-38)
90.00 грн.
  • Наличие: В наличии
  • Модель: ША 01-38

We present beautiful, practical and easy for cleaning mittens of angora wool. It is a hand work of natural material. The best choice for cold winter! The product is knitted with the circle wise method, therefore it does not have seam. Seamless knitting technique gives the gloves special comfort, and their service life extends. Gloves of this type of wool are very convenient for wearing, since the material is incredibly soft and absolutely does not stab. Such quality will be appreciated by the owner of sensitive skin of hands. In addition, dense gloves warm hands even in the severe cold.

Simple user-friendly design, familiar to all from childhood is still relevant. Patterns are traditional Hutsul. Geometric ornamentation of floral theme is used. White and black threads were used in this work. The product is in black and white colors perfectly combines with a variety of clothes and looks very modern. Natural goat wool improves blood circulation, so your hands will always be warm. We note that this product is environmentally friendly.

Such mittens are absolutely not demanding in the care. Washing must be made with a mild detergent in water of low temperature. 

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