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Dairy processing ceramics

Model: КМ 01-06
Internet store «Zgarda» offers wide range of ceramic handcrafts that are made according to ancient technique of milk burning.The milk burning of clay is not used for making the handcraft beautiful brown color and slightly glossy shine. It is made only with practical purpose. Ceramic clay of the..
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Milk ceramics 16х8 (КМ 01-09)
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Model: КМ 01-09
It is unknown since what time pottery masters started to use a milk burning technology in ceramic dishes manufacturing, but this kind of technology is used nowadays and is very popular. Most likely that it appeared together with potter's wheel and people begun to burn clay. Nevertheless, on some c..
75.00 грн.
Model: КМ 01-18
Wonderful taste of food that is made in ceramic dishes is caused by using a special sort of clay and also by using an old technology of milk burning. Due to ceramic handcrafts human life became a kind of sublimates, more comfortable. Besides, in our times a healthy lifestyle and healthy food with ..
450.00 грн.
Model: КМ 01-13
Wonderful ceramic dishes that are made according to the ancient technology of our ancestors are still very popular among Ukrainian people and beyond the country’s borders. Since the old times ceramic dishes ennobled people’s way of life. And nowadays ceramic handcrafts are still of current interes..
250.00 грн.
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Dairy processing ceramics

Ceramic kitchenware is always highly valued, and fairly considered to be a very aesthetic, practical, functional and durable. This kind of dishes is made of natural clay by hands of Hutsul masters. Besides its direct assignment these dishes are the great decorations for interior. Every handcraft saves the warmth of the skilled craftsman who made it. Thanks to this the potteries bring the atmosphere of harmony and coziness into any house.

A qualitative ceramic jezve will be an excellent present for dear and loved ones, friends, and colleagues. There is a wide range of such kind handcrafts in the catalogue of Internet store «Zgarda». The pottery has a wide choice of sizes, forms, and the variety of ornaments on handcrafts. If you decide to buy a ceramic jezve, you won't regret about it, because it will serve you for many years and delight the eye every time while drinking this favorite beverage.

Our store «Zgarda» offers not only the wide range of dishes and souvenirs, but also attractive prices that will become a pleasant surprise for every visitor of the website. We have a high level of service and quick delivery across the Ukraine.