Гриб лускорих 7х11 (ГЛ 01-01)

Модель: ГЛ 01-01
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It often happens that for cracking nuts, we use things that are absolutely not designed for this purpose. But nowadays, there are special devices that allow you to cope with this task much easier. It is a device for chopping nuts, which is made specially for convenient extraction of kernel of a nut from the nutshell. 

We recommend the «Mushroom nutcracker» model «ГЛ 01-01». The price of this product is symbolic, and benefit from its using is considerable. The nutcracker is made of wood by hand. Hutsul masters make such «mushrooms» using the qualitative beech wood. To crack a nut, it is necessary to insert it into the hole and twist the cap to splintering. The advantage of using such device is a quality splitting nut, the kernel of which remains undamaged. In contrast to the hammer, the nutcracker does not throw the nutshell about the house.

This wonderful tool for cleaning nuts will be useful in every house, because the benefits of nuts is high, so it is important to include them in your daily diet as an indispensable source of vitamins. We offer to order the nutcracker «Mushroom» at an affordable price in the Internet store «Zgarda».      

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