Hutsul clothing

Hutsul clothing
Жіночий український костюм являє собою набір з декількох предметів, таких як сорочка, плахта, корсетка, фартух і пояс.
У ролі спідниці виступає плахта, яка виготовляється з картатої тканини різних забарвлень. Така спідниця відрізняється зручністю і практичністю, а також своєрідним традиційним фасоном на запах. Плахти та спідниці часто прикрашаються українською вишивкою.
У наші дні такі предмети національного костюма як плахти й крайки дуже модно поєднувати з повсякденним одягом, тим самим підкреслюючи свою патріотичність. Якісні тканини, які застосовуються в цих виробах, дозволяють без праці підбирати до них всілякі аксесуари і різні варіанти верху.
Окремо слід зазначити кромки, що символізують українське мистецтво. Вони відмінно підходять до вишиванок і до інших нарядам, можуть використовуватися у вигляді пояса, замінюючи ремінь. Виконані вручну на спеціальному верстаті кромки - це не тільки жіночий елемент одягу, він цілком доречний в гардеробі чоловіка. Кромки можуть носити всі, незалежно від віку і статі.
Замовити за невисокою ціною плахту або спідницю, а також будь-яку кромку можна на сайті
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Beads wooden 80x1 (DB 01-67)
Wooden beads are a truly Ukrainian jewelry that can become a noticeable accent in any of your outfits, as well as a laconic addition to a folk costume or embroidered shirt. Among the main characteristics of a bead made of wood are lightness, elegance, and durability. Also, a handmade necklace can serve as a good amulet.   So, the beads with national color from the Zgarda store are made of natural Carpathian wood, painted and varnished. A special coating protects the wood from damage, so the beads for a long time do not lose color, luster and overall appearance. They consist of large, slightly elongated, and small beads, combining in a certain order. The decoration has a design in three rows, as in the photo.   Some special care for decorating the “BD 01-67” is not required, if you wish, you can use a soft cloth for polishing, as well as use a soap solution wi..
50.00 грн.
Beads wooden 80x2 (DB 01-63)
Wooden beads in ethnic style are traditionally Ukrainian jewelry for women, which perfectly complements embroidery, and can also be combined with modern clothes, for example, a blouse, dress and other dresses.   Beads covered with a Ukrainian scarf are a very demanded necklace. It is in great demand, both among Ukrainians and among tourists. Its popularity is so high because the jewelry is an accessory in the Ukrainian style, and, as you know, everything Ukrainian is in fashion! Hutsul beads are handmade of wood and covered with fabric, Ukrainian scarf. The beads are in the shape of a ball. The diameter of each bead is 2 cm. The length of the product is 80 cm.   Being bright and noticeable, the product attracts the eyes, it never goes unnoticed. In addition to beauty and elegance, the beads are durable and light, so the jewelry does not bring discomfort i..
40.00 грн.
Beads wooden 80x2 (DB 01-64)
Despite the fact that wooden beads are an invariable attribute of a folk costume, nevertheless these days this accessory is not always worn only for an embroidered shirt, often it perfectly complements casual clothes, cotton, synthetic, jeans, in a word, sewn from all kinds of fabrics. The craving of our fashionistas for national-style jewelry is so strong that many people make such jewelry themselves. And yet, if you want to have a beautiful, neatly crafted craft, you should visit the Zgarda online store and buy inexpensive wooden beads from our assortment. We offer beads covered with fabric or scarf. The diameter of the ball is 2 cm, the length of the product is 80 cm. The decoration has a small weight due to the natural lightness of wood and fabric.   In the photo you can see what the beads with ties look like, what colors we can offer you. We recommend that you ch..
40.00 грн.
Beads wooden 80x2 (DB 01-65)
Wooden jewelry gained wide popularity, and you can see them even on the catwalks of fashion houses, famous throughout the world. Of course, the purchase of such jewelry is not a problem, but the original Hutsul beads cannot be bought at any store.   On the pages of the Zgarda online store you will find those same popular beads covered with fabric that effectively complement elegant Ukrainian embroideries and any other clothes. Since they are made by hand, they look quite original. At the same time, the craft is made neatly, efficiently and looks very elegant. Without a doubt, here you can talk about originality, since the jewelry is handmade.   The product "DB 01-65" has a length of 80 cm, and the diameter of each bead in beads is 2 cm. The beads themselves are made of natural wood and are covered with fabric, scarf, therefore light. Coloring can be all kinds..
40.00 грн.
Beads wooden 80x2 (DB 01-66)
Wood jewelry in harmony with any outfit, this is a feature of natural wood. With summer dresses and blouses, bright beads wrapped in a scarf are combined in the best way. In particular, elongated beads are suitable for a dress consisting of jeans and a tunic, or alternatively hand-embroidered folk embroidery. Without a doubt, the jewelry can be combined with the Ukrainian folk costume and worn at various celebrations.   Despite the simplicity of the product, wearing a wooden necklace means to be fashionable and original. More charm to wooden beads “BD 01-66” is given by close-fitting fabric of a scarf. So the product looks elegant, beautiful, and most importantly - in Ukrainian, patriotic. Each bead in the shape of a ball has a diameter of 2 cm, that is, this is a noticeable decoration. The length of the product is 80 cm. The beads are connected reliably, tied with the “t..
40.00 грн.
Doll Reel 20х7 (ГЛ 01-04)
Doll knob - so-called fashion doll, thanks to the method of fabrication - weaving and twisting of fabric and threads, motations, without needle use. Possessing the power of wardrobe, the trade has long been a success among the Slavs, according to its beliefs, it brings good luck, success, prosperity.   The facial features of such a doll are completely absent, and this is not straightforward, since it was believed that in such a case in her soul would emerge. As usual, an ancient sign of the sun is used on the face in the form of a cross, hence the belief that the knot doll is a carrier of solar energy.   Motanque "GL 01-04" is made entirely on Hutsul motifs, dressed in folk costume, on a stand. Hutsul clothing is symbolic on it. So, for a connection with the sky answers the wreath on the head, from which it can be concluded that this is the kind of motorcycle..
80.00 грн.
Doll Reel 25x12 (HL 01-03)
The motanka doll is a symbol of the genus, just like an embroidered towel or shirt. In the old days it served as a sacred guard, it was made exclusively of natural materials, such as fabrics, threads, straw. It's no secret that in our days the mota is again in great demand, it is also a souvenir that can be bought inexpensively in every shop with gifts, and a guard. As the amulet usually serves only that doll-motanka, which is made by hand.   Handmade from the Carpathian knot doll is notable for its symbolism, it dresses up in a folk costume in the traditional Hutsul style. For example, motanka "GL 01-03", the so-called baba is a bereguya (patroness, guardian), she is dressed in a national costume and a scarf, she protects the home and wealth in the house. The doll traditionally does not have a face, its features are replaced by a solar sign of the cross. In addition, thi..
70.00 грн.
Doll Reel 35х5 (ГЛ 01-05)
A luxurious Hutsul doll motanka is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. The beautiful decoration brightly testifies to the belonging of the doll to the edge, known by the high culture of the Ukrainian people. By tradition, the doll is made by an old way of twisting and grinding the material on a natural basis, while the craftsmen strictly follow the rules and do not use needles.   On the doll-motanke "GL 01-05" a folk costume with Hutsul patterns and a Ukrainian wreath is worn. The doll does not have a face, instead of eyes and lips a solar sign is represented, which symbolizes the sun. In general, the motanka or nodule doll is the most powerful Ukrainian amulet, and in the case when it is produced manually, it is the custodian of information of a whole kind.   As a souvenir, the modern motanka is no less interesting, besides, when it is executed as masterfu..
140.00 грн.
Jaw harp 5х3 (Д 01-01)
The jaw harp, or so called «drymba» is a unique musical instrument, which is not so easy to buy in Ukraine. Many stores specializing in the Carpathian souvenirs don’t have these instruments in the range. But if you want, you can buy a jaw harp (or drymba) in the Internet store «Zgarda». Ukrainian jaw harp is made of metal according to special technology. Hutsul drymba is a descendant of the ancient musical instrument. The technique of playing on this jaw harp is not difficult, so even children will be able to master this instrument. Buying of the jaw harp on our website will be a pleasant purchase for you and will not burden with the high price. Present drymba to adult or child, it is a great original gift from the Hutsul region.   ..
100.00 грн.
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Trembita Hutsul (TG 01-01)
The history of the musical instrument of trembit, an integral part of the instrumental culture of Hutsulshchina, is very ancient. The folk instrument of beliefs was made only from the tree where the lightning struck. This tree is called a "thunderbolt". However, in view of the rather rare occurrence of such specimens, preference is given to trees that are "properly" saturated with moisture that grows near natural water bodies.   Mouthpiece wind instrument, which has a length of 3 meters, requires special properties of wood, and therefore pay attention to the resonant characteristics of wood. And if the future trembita "sounds", then from this tree you will get a tool. The future trembit will be made from a wooden pipe, wrapped in birch bark, boiled in boiling water.   Sometimes trembitu is compared to other instruments known in the world, but it is unique bot..
2700.00 грн.
Trembita Hutsul (TG 01-02)
An integral part of the musical culture of the Hutsul region is a very ancient trembita instrument. According to popular beliefs, it was made of wood, which was struck by lightning, from the so-called "thunderbolt." In later times, they used the wood of that tree, which was well saturated with moisture, that is, it grew near natural sources and reservoirs.   Hutsul trembita is a mouthpiece wind instrument with a usual length of 3 meters. For its manufacture, those species of wood that have good resonant characteristics are selected. To begin with, they find the tree from which the trembita will be made, remove the bark from it and dry it for several years, then tap it with a wooden hammer, determining the sound, and only then proceed to the manufacture of the instrument itself. At the same time, the moment when trembita is wrapped in birch bark is important.   ..
1200.00 грн.
Woolen bag 22х25 (ШС 01-66)
A true fashionista knows exactly what a woolen bag is, but if this information passed you by, you should definitely spend a few minutes with her, perhaps your wardrobe lacks a bag made of wool.   Carpathian wool products can not be confused with some other, they are colorful, bright, diverse, with characteristic patterns and technique of execution. In size, it is small, 22x25 cm, but at the same time it looks stylish! The bag is lightweight, woven of thread, has three compartments and is locked. Model "SHS 01-66" is richly decorated with a long fringe, in front is embroidered ornament, and Hutsul patterns adorn the product completely, from the bottom to the top. The bag is worn on the shoulder, the shoulder strap is long enough.   Having such an original Hutsul bag at your disposal, you will certainly be able to bring something new into your image..
100.00 грн.
Woolen bag 25х25 (ШС 01-67)
Woven from a string of bags - an original souvenir for a girl who collects all sorts of elegant handbags. It is very simple to get carried away with a bright embroidered accessory, such as the model "SHS 01-67". Here everything is collected: beauty and comfort, style and brightness, practicality and low price. Undoubtedly, a woolen bag will provide you interest of others, and none of the girlfriends will miss the opportunity to ask about such an unusual, unique handmade product.   A vivid example of an ethnic bag "SH 01-67" completely justifies itself, thanks to the patterns of Hutsul themes, which practically covered the whole product from top to bottom, including the shoulder strap. Characteristic color embroidery in front should be given special attention, since it is woven drawings that show in which edge a bag is created - an ornament especially Hutsul. The b..
100.00 грн.
Гуцульська кресаня (ГК 01-09)
Kresana is a traditional hat of Hutsul men. It is very elegant and very bright. Hutsuls have a delicate taste and prefer rich treatments and ornaments in their clothes, hence men's woolen hats are no exception. The spectacles are multicolored ribbons, bouquets, brushes of woolen yarns, feather gluharry or peacock and beads.   We present a stylish craft made of leather and wool with embroidery threads. The product is complemented with fringe, beads, colored decorative elements. You can order the Hutsul crayon of the model "GK 01-09" on the site of the online store "Zgarda". Be sure to contact us before ordering, to clarify all details of this headgear. ..
1500.00 грн.
Hutsul clothing
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