Woolen pillow 50х50х20 (ПШ 01-17)

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Decorative pillows, which are now offered in a great variety, will help to give the interior a spectacular view and to emphasize its individuality. Entering any apartment or house cushions of silk, velvet or tapestry can be seen on the sofas and chairs. There are even leather or fur cushions. Although their size and configuration approximately identical, colors, however, can be very diverse. The main thing is that with such decorative accessories you can change the interior of any premises. For example, the bright colors of checkered pillows will complement the room in country style, and covers imitating pattern of vines weaving are ideal for summer house.

The most demanded are sofa pillows, and the fashion for them has spread throughout the world. And to decorate chairs it is accepted to use the pads in the form of rollers. To decorate the sofas and beds in the children's room people use pillows in the shape of animals, such as dogs.

The woolen pillow 50х50х20 (ПШ 01-17) is made of soft, pleasant to the body woolen yarn with lavsan polyester fiber. It is easily transformed, fold-out fold up. It is fixed with stickies.  

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