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Sheepskin is so popular that it is said a lot about it. For winter, a sheep wool blanket is an ideal cozy material that creates a pleasant temperature during sleep and allows a good sleep. There are different versions of such blankets, sewn entirely with cloth or on the one hand. We recommend a one-sided fleece blanket, from the inside sewn on one side with a simple cloth, on the back entirely natural sheepskin (quilted wool, production - Kosivschina).
In the Kosovo region, they have been engaged in breeding sheep for a long time. Sheep breeding is so developed here that with respect to these glorious animals a sheep breeding museum was opened. Sheep graze in an ecologically clean area, so they have excellent wool. Blankets from sheepskin, which offers to buy "Zgarda", are made in this region, in the village of Yavorov.
When making an order, ask what colors the canvas is now available, we have a large assortment of blankets and with pleasure we will select the desired shade for you. Also note that you can choose the size.
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