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A warm soft sheep blanket - which can be better for a full sleep in the cold season. It is twice more pleasant and comfortable when the product is of high quality.
The properties of thermal conductivity are such that heat from under the blanket is not discharged outside, providing a constant temperature, while at the same time there is no "steam" effect, thanks to air permeability. All the excess moisture is absorbed by the sheepskin, if you sleep under such a blanket. Also, the great benefit of sheep's wool, when used in blankets, bedspreads, pillows, other products, is antistatic properties that contribute to well-being and the absence of depressive conditions and headaches.
Blanket of sheep's wool from the store "Zgarda" is endowed with all the qualities of natural sheepskin; inside is sewn on both sides with a simple natural cloth. The origin of sheepskin is Ukrainian, the product is made in the village of Yavorov, which is in Kosovshchina. The color of the fabric may be different, ask the seller what options are available on the day of the order.
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