Wooden candlestick 27х20х10 (ПД 01-35)

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The decision to buy a candlestick is often dictated by the desire to decorate the house, make it cozy, bring an atmosphere of warmth. Using a candlestick triplet, you can achieve all these goals, as well as if necessary (for example, in the absence of electricity) to illuminate the housing with a "live" light from the three candles.
The candlestick is carved from a beech tree, which is the guarantee of a long period of service. As is known, beech wood not only perfectly keeps the shape and does not deform, but also has a number of qualities, such as: density, strength, beautiful pattern of fibers, interesting natural coloring. When using varnish, wood does not decay, it is well preserved inside the living room. Candlestick model "PD 01-35" carved, tinted (brown) and varnished, designed for three candles.
The candlestick is effective in any setting, with candles and without them looks good, thanks to an unusual design, attracts the views of the guests; you can decorate the table, shelf or chest of drawers. We offer a fully natural beech candlestick at an affordable price, and when ordering 5-10 pieces wholesale prices start to act.
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