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Do not know how to serve the bottle in the original way? Use the stand in Hutsul style. A wooden stand or bottle box is an easy way to decorate a home environment. In addition to decorating your own home, a bottle in the form of a cart will serve as a good gift, which will be remembered for a long time.
So, the model "PD 01-36" made in Hutsulschina from the traditional for this edge of the beech tree. The tree-longevity, which grows exponentially, has powerful roots and reaches a diameter of 3 m in adulthood. Wood is malleable in processing, it has a dense structure, because of which all beech products do not form cracks. By itself, the beech has a pleasant natural shade, but the products often use tinting to emphasize the color.
The bottle holder is toned precisely for this reason. It is a cart on wheels, it looks unusual for a stand and stands out very brightly on a festive table. The bottle holder, if necessary, opens, the mechanism functions properly.
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