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Toys help the development of the child, which in itself is a proven fact. By right the best material for children's toys is a tree. According to parents and pediatricians, wooden toys are the safest and most environmentally friendly. The material allows the child to learn the world and develop, thanks to the variety of toys, in particular consisting of different details.
We draw your attention to the wooden robot from the store "Zgarda". It is made of environmentally friendly wood, has a bright appearance and numerous elements, is a transformer, folding into a typewriter, as in the well-known film. The parts are connected together by an elastic band, painted and varnished. Any color versions of the Autobot toy are available.
The tree does not harm health, and its durability ensures that the toy will not be broken or broken down immediately after purchase. The robot model "DL 01-08" will serve as an interesting gift for your child. If you need a new exciting game for the boy, buy a robot. Wholesale toy-transformer can be bought, saving up to 30% on the purchase.
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