Wooden decorative handcrafts of the Carpathian beech, pine and oak undoubtedly will decorate the interiors of homes and offices, and become the indispensable helpers in the kitchen and in household use.

Especially popular are wooden bread boxes, and it is quite understandable, because they are made from natural and environmentally friendly material. In such bread boxes fragrant bread and buns will retain their superior quality for a long time.

Bread boxes, wooden calendars, decorative wooden hangers are pleasingly to present and also to receive as a gifts. Because they are not just an extraordinarily beautiful handcrafts of natural wood, but also the practical gifts that complement the interior of any kitchen.

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 Wooden car  12х38х14 (МД 01-03)
We offer to buy a wooden handmade car as an original present. For every modern child is important to receive as a gift any interesting toy. On this page you can see a wooden model of the car – the best present not only for children, but also for the collectors. A mini model of rare car, is presented on this page. It is made of natural wood. It is very accurate quality work, in which attention is paid to the smallest detail. The sizes of the model are 12х38х14 сm. The model «МД 01-03» is made of solid kinds of wood. Its parts are painted in the appropriate color and paint is covered with lacquer. Auto with moving wheels has four windows, two on each side and one window at front and back parts of the product. You can purchase this model at a reasonable price in the Internet store «Zgarda». The handmade product made of environmentally friendly wood will be delivered to any locati..
220.00 грн.
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 Wooden knife 30х5 (НД 01-07)
Make an unexpected present to a friend or fellow and give him the Carpathian wooden knife. It is made of natural ecologically clean wood and steel and is a subject that deserves to be in the collection of every real man. The blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, the sheath – of natural wood. Cherry tree, which is used in the model, has a reddish natural shade that allows the master to create a unique product with unusual color. The sheath is made with Hutsul carvings, such pattern is often used for decoration of all kinds of handicrafts. The model «НД 01-07» is gift variant and is not intended for any other purpose. It is not hunting or fighting. But, nevertheless, a wooden knife can be presented to real hunter, tourist, fishermen or collectors. Undoubtedly, it will find its place of honor in every house. Internet souvenir store «Zgarda» offers to buy the wooden knife..
140.00 грн.
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 Wooden plane  15х20х12 (ДЛ 01-03)
This beautiful wooden plane is a wonderful gift for the child, because children like to arrange real fights and play with different planes. At the same time, wooden airplane is desired in the form of a present for adults, because the model is good for collections and as a decoration of the room. Thus, the airplane from the Hutsul region is a universal gift, which will be appreciated without doubt. The plane model «ДЛ 01-03» is made of wood, and is a mini version of the real airplane. It has the chassis, propeller, and a lot of small details that make the product more interesting and complex. The plane sizes are: 15х20х12 cm. All components are painted and lacquered. There is a convenient stand, on which the toy looks better, and thus, it can be observed better. We offer to please the collector of planes with this nice gift, made by one of the masters of the Western Ukraine. It..
200.00 грн.
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 Wooden souvenir 11х27 (СД 01-13)
For the extraordinary man with a good sense of humor Internet store «Zgarda» offers the most various souvenirs, which are able to surprise, please and cheer up. Among them you will find, for example, the measurements for men made of wood with printed inscriptions. This is a cool accessory that will serve as a curious humorous gift. For a person who loves ironic, funny and original presents, a model «СД 01-13» is the very thing. One of the most exciting and fun gifts today is presented at website at an affordable price. Made by Hutsul master, the measurements for men is a souvenir with comic content. We offer to buy it and do not spend a lot of effort searching for something unusual, because it is difficult to find a more memorable and original thing. It will be an excellent occasion for laugh in friendly company. The ability to find uncommon little thing and buy it o..
60.00 грн.
Art relief 24х20х10 (PD 01-38)
Who does not remember those magic vareniki from NV Gogol's book "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" and a colorful hero with mystical abilities. Vareniki now and then jumped into sour cream, and then - right into the mouth of Puzatomu Patsyuk. The scene is really memorable, bright, that's why it is interesting and beloved by many Ukrainians. The souvenir of this subject in the form of an artistic relief is a very funny and cheerful gift that can interest many.   Artistic relief on a tree is a figured image on a plane, in this case by means of a carving (see photo). Pot-bellied Patsyuk and full makithra vareniki, jumping to the mouth on the panel - a wonderful decoration in the house, bar, cafe, restaurant. The product has dimensions of 24x20x10 cm, made of natural wood of Hutsul linden, made with the use of artistic carving techniques; entirely handmade, including painting ..
550.00 грн.
Bottle support  53х25х25 (ПД 01-37)
make a gift that will not leave you indifferent. A cart for a bottle is a worthy gift for any relevant occasion. A stand of expensive wood is needed in every house, because it was created in order to present quality drinks.   Expensive wine or cognac, of course, can be served brightly, and this is suitable for a bottle holder "PD 01-37". The drink immediately captures the looks, causes interest and a desire to try it. Stand in the form of a cart is made very plausible, here and four wheels (with wheels moving), and the body. Beautiful curly lines, décor from the rope, the wood is perfectly polished to a shine, tinted in a dark color. The cart (53x25x25 cm) is made of beech wood. We draw your attention to customers, the kit does not include a bottle.   The stand is an original souvenir from Hutsulshchina, the price of which fully corresponds to the high qualit..
400.00 грн.
Bottle support 53x20x20 (ПД 01-36)
Do not know how to serve the bottle in the original way? Use the stand in Hutsul style. A wooden stand or bottle box is an easy way to decorate a home environment. In addition to decorating your own home, a bottle in the form of a cart will serve as a good gift, which will be remembered for a long time.   So, the model "PD 01-36" made in Hutsulschina from the traditional for this edge of the beech tree. The tree-longevity, which grows exponentially, has powerful roots and reaches a diameter of 3 m in adulthood. Wood is malleable in processing, it has a dense structure, because of which all beech products do not form cracks. By itself, the beech has a pleasant natural shade, but the products often use tinting to emphasize the color.   The bottle holder is toned precisely for this reason. It is a cart on wheels, it looks unusual for a stand and stands out very ..
300.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 13х17х7 (ВД 01-55)
A predator from the cat's lynx family, according to legend, is able to avoid traps. The owner of a sharp view, in fact, is his symbol, knowingly say: "lynx eyes."   Many mystical meanings are attributed to this beautiful and quick animal with a short tail and funny ears. Not surprisingly, the masters of wood carving decided to capture the lynx in a tree. Carved lynx in the online store "Zgarda" - is a craftsman crafts Hutsulschiny. It is made of a single piece of lime tree. The wood of this tree has a homogeneous structure and even without varnish has a noticeable sheen. The initial shade of wood does not change over time, which means that the craftspieces will be kept as new and will not darken. Above, the statuette is tinted and varnished, has a characteristic pattern in the form of spots. In addition, the master copied the natural "smile" of this chic animal.  ..
200.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 13х17х7 (ВД 01-59)
Love of horses is not uncommon. To this strong, majestic and elegant animal is a special attitude, that's why reverence for horses moved to our everyday life in the form of photos, calendars, figurines.   Souvenirs with horses are very diverse, but we propose to buy a carved wooden figure made of wood. Lime wood that is used in the product (whole piece) is very pliable, it is slightly pinkish or white and does not lose its color over time. In the craft "Horse" uses toning and varnish to protect from the external environment and minor damage, such as scratches. Dimensions of the statuette 13x17x7 cm. The form repeats the natural lines, high similarity with the horse. Authorship of Hutsul masters.   In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the horse is considered a talisman, it takes an honorable place in the dwelling. The figurine will be pleased to receive as a ..
200.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 13х7х5 (ВД 01-58)
The wolf represents power, and the wolf statue brings luck to its owner. Favor of fortune - the desire of many. Victories and successes desire the powerful of this world. Having supported your wishes with a powerful talisman, you will direct the energy of creation towards the person who wants to make a pleasant gift.   You can buy an original wooden craft in the form of a wolf on this page of the online store "Zgarda". Carved wooden figurine of hand-made sizes of 13x7x5 cm will serve as a sign souvenir, as the wolf is a strong, intelligent, prudent animal. This is a present for the real winner. According to the rules of Feng Shui, wolf figures can be used in the house. Correct is the location of the predator directed towards the exit (door or window), which should facilitate the removal of the negative from the owner of the figurine.   The figure "VD 01-58" i..
200.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 16x12x7 (ВД 01-53)
What kind of souvenir would a real hunter prefer? Undoubtedly - something that is associated with his fascinating hobby. A figurine made of wood in the shape of an animal will certainly please a zealous adventurer. The carved wooden figurine is a significant souvenir, especially for those hunters who seek through hunting to show their best masculine qualities - strength, will, character and fearlessness.   A wild boar is a ferocious beast. Not every hunter is able to go out alone with him. Therefore, the present in the form of a statuette will only inspire the owner of such an original hobby for new feats. Buying from us figurines of animals, you get original products from the Hutsul region, which differ in their special design and precise execution. And this is appreciated by the collectors of figurines. Wild boar is made of natural wood, more precisely a single piece of..
200.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 16x12x7 (ВД 01-56)
Meaning figurine "Bison" immodest, but on merit, attribute to themselves true leaders, fighters, those who seek to win at any cost. Strength, will, desire, pressure and at the same time generosity, sense of dignity, confidence in the future. Truly a man's souvenir that brings success, prosperity, luck and prosperity.   Order a carved figurine made of wood with a bison, it will be an unforgettable gift for a strong person. The figure is carved solely by the instrument in the hands of the master, tinted and varnished. Material - solid timber of lime tree. Let's note the realism of the craft, thanks to the accurate transmission of the silhouette, competent thread, color solution.   Souvenir can be presented by the business and competitor, but it is not a rule, but rather a recommendation, because there is a lot of wildlife lovers who are nice to receive a gift v..
200.00 грн.
Cut wooden figure 16x12x7 (ВД 01-57)
Figurines with elephants are often presented, this is one of the most common souvenirs. Often in someone's house you can see a whole collection of figures, we can help supplement it with an unusual characteristic souvenir.   Choose a product from wood and you will not lose it. Natural wood has the energy of earth, sun, wind, it is diverse in color, has an expressive structure, it is pleasant to hold in hands. The sturdy linden from which the figurines of elephants of Hutsul masters are made, is very pliable in work, has durability and perfectly preserves color, not only natural, but also after painting. The carved wooden figurine of the elephant "VD 01-57" is tinted, varnished   The figure of an elephant with a raised trunk symbolizes the attraction of wealth, material wealth and luck. It draws the energy of Qi (positive energy) into the house and destroys th..
200.00 грн.
Moneybox- toilet  7х7х20 (КТ 01-01)
If you do not know what to present, when you are going to visit your friends on a festive party, take this humorous moneybox and you will surely amuse your friends with such unexpected and useful gift. Skillfully made moneybox has a smooth surface and pasted inscription in Ukrainian, which means: «Here's my money». Mini toilet moneybox is an exact copy of the original construction it has openable and closeable door and lock. The set includes 2 keys to the lock. The moneybox is made of beech wood. The upper part of the product has a coin slot. The size of the moneybox is 7х7х20 сm. The model «КТ 01-01» will serve as a fun gift on the occasion for people with a developed sense of humor. You can buy the handmade product from the Hutsul region at a reasonable price on our website and it will be delivered to any location of our country. To wholesale buyers we offer to buy the moneybox-..
100.00 грн.
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Moneybox-house 15х10х15 (КХ 01-02)
Moneybox in the form of a small house attracts attention without a doubt. The moneybox-house is handwork of the Hutsul master. The size of the handcraft is 19х10х17 сm. Moneybox is made of environmentally friendly natural wood spruce, has openable bottom which is fixed on the screws, also a slot for coins. The design allows removing collected coins from the moneybox. Thus, you will not have to break the moneybox, so you can use it for a long period of time. The product is made in the color of natural wood, it has an excellent appearance and looks good in the interior of the dwelling. You can buy this stylish thing at an attractive price in the Internet store «Zgarda».      Moneybox-house is a wonderful and a nice gift. It is convenient to put small coins into it. Children are especially pleased to such gifts, who often tend to accumulate a certain sum for t..
50.00 грн.
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