Jewelry-box 21х11х10 (ШК 02-04)

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A magnificent souvenir is a jewelry box decorated with beads. Beads, which are used by our craftsmen, perfectly combine with wood and is an accent in the product. Thanks to the decorative elements of beads, the casket gets its highlight, Hutsul color, and it immediately becomes clear that the casket is not simple, but special.
The box "Shk 02-04" is carved from wood of the yavor (maple), the most valuable material, which is practically not broken, although it has an average density. The properties of a tree are such that even musical instruments are made from the yavor.
As you know, a good board has a non-uniform color, which is best toned. About a maple it is worth to say that it is decorative wood, with a specific color. You can see the natural figure and color by opening the casket, and all its beauty is emphasized with a rich nutshirt.
The item you see on this page - a beautiful casket - has dimensions 21x11x10 cm. The wood is tinted, carved (Hutsul patterns), inlaid with beads, varnished.
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