Wooden barrel 13х10 (БД 01-56)

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There is no surprise in the desire to buy a wooden barrel for loose products or honey in the online store "Zgarda": firstly, we offer crafts by masters of the Hutsul region; Secondly, we guarantee high quality and compliance with the declared characteristics; thirdly, where else you will find a handmade product that has such an attractive price.
A barrel wooden "BD 01-56" with a volume of 400 ml is made of beech wood, chiseled, carved. A single piece of wood is used for the barrel, which causes the trowel to have no tendency to gaps, moisture, and cracks. Proceeding from the fact that the beech keg is durable and practical, one often does not have to buy such articles. The kitchen accessory has a universal purpose, it keeps excellent any products, at the same time it looks great, so buying one barrel and testing it in the case, eventually you want to buy the same for other products.
Please note that the handmade barrel is decorated with carved patterns and is completed with a lid.
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