Slicing board 35х23х2 (ДН 01-29)

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The quality of the finished dish depends on several factors, including the one which cookware comes into contact with food during its preparation. It is better if they are prepared with using natural materials such as wood. Cutting board made of wood is the perfect choice for the modern hostess. There is no doubt that with its help you can cook the best culinary recipe.

Slicing board«ДН 01-01» is made by the folk master of the high-quality types of wood. a high-quality beech is used. A feature of the board manufacturing technology is the use of a dry board, boiled in hot water. It is very convenient to slice products on the surface of the model «ДН 01-01». Of special mention is the size of the product - 20х37 cm. The board lays perfectly on any surface of the table. It is practical universal product, which advantages you can appraise after the first use. Due to its high durability and reliability, it will serve for quite a long time. The board has rectangular shape with rounded corners, which makes it more comfortable for exploitation. There is a hole for easy fixation on the wall.

You can always buy the board of beech wood that does not absorb moisture on the website of our online store!  

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