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Who will challenge the fact that the interest in Ukrainian folk souvenirs is inexhaustible? The products of folk craftsmen are always the most vivid and memorable gifts.
From the clay amphora, the long way of the bottle began, until it became habitual for us. Decoration accompanied her at all historical stages, and now decorating the bottle for drinks is no less relevant.
In Hutsulshchina leather bottles are made, which, thanks to the beautiful finish, claim to be a status souvenir. Fully skinned glass container still performs its main function - the storage of all kinds of drinks. "BSH 01-40" is a 0.5 liter bottle of beautiful form, decorated with natural leather, with hand painted. The material is eco-friendly, handmade, high quality.
It's nice to use a bottle with a beautiful decor, especially if it's leather. The souvenir will serve as a functional decoration of the interior not only of the kitchen, but of any catering establishment. Among the additional advantages of buying a leather bottle - a long service life, convenient use, easy maintenance.
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