Wood products

Wood products

Original wooden souvenirs, made of environmentally friendly natural wood, are fairly rightly considered to be the unrivaled room decor elements. Handcrafts, created by the folk masters, are able to bring a special color, comfort and warmth to any interior.

A wide range of artistic products, made by hand of Hutsul masters are presented in the catalog of Internet store «Zgarda». In our store you can buy a wonderful wooden souvenir gift for loved ones, friend or colleague who will not remain without attention and will bring its owner a huge positive charge. You can easily choose wooden souvenirs for a person with a diverse range of interests and tastes on our website. Caskets, chests, decorative plates, clocks, boards for backgammon and chess, as well as much more are available in our store.

All accessories have a unique look, thanks to the fact that the people who created them perfectly manage in the ancient folk art wood processing techniques. In addition to the aesthetic moment, wooden souvenir products are durable, functional and longeval.

The price of the presented in the catalog product is very affordable. We deliver orders in the shortest time in any part of Ukraine.