The throwing toy 18х4 (ОПТ 02-29)

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The history of ceramic whistles is not new. Whistles were part of pagan rituals. In those days whistles were made of ceramics. They corresponded to the gods, they were their prototypes and were made in the form of different animals. Thus solar gods were depicted as sheep or horses, fertility gods – in the form of goats, and the rulers of heaven we represented as birds, mostly cocks. Over time ceramic whistles have become talismans for people.

We present the ceramic whistle «ОПТ 01-30» in the shape of a bird. It is made in the Hutsul region and has dimensions 6x3 cm. The peculiarity of the product is the ability to fill it with water, so you can get the pipe of a nightingale. You can use the website to order whistles of clay. The wholesale purchase consists of 20 units, it is the minimum possible number of whistles.

Today whistles are relevant, as well as many centuries ago. You can definitely make a child happy with such sweet sonorous whistle. Natural material is absolutely safe, so the ceramic whistle from the online store «Zgarda» is the perfect toy for children. 

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