Ексклюзивні сувеніри з натурального дерева виготовляють майстри українських Карпат. Відпочинок в цьому дивовижному краю з цілющим кліматом неодмінно запам'ятається з придбанням пам'ятного колоритного вироби ручної роботи. Тут можна купити сувеніри від ремісників, які шанують традиції свого народу і при роботі з деревиною, металом, глиною застосовують стародавні технології.
Ексклюзивні подарунки від інтернет-магазину «Згарда» будуть гідно оцінені гостями гуцульського краю з України та зарубіжжя. Зробити яскравий запам'ятовується презент колезі, другу чи родичу просто, відвідавши каталогу сувенірів на сайті zgarda.com.ua. Невисокі ціни на якісні вироби ручної роботи завжди радують наших покупців, і вони із задоволенням купують карпатські обереги, писанки, підкови, люльки та інші цікаві вироби з дерева.
Гуцульські сувеніри, серед яких дерев'яні шаблі, намиста, топірці, традиційні й тим цікаві для кожного, хто бажає купити предмети, зроблені руками справжніх майстрів своєї справи.
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Harmonica (ОПТ 01-33)
A musical instrument will help to develop a child's musical skills and it will be better if it is of great interest. As a variant we can offer harmonica. Bright sound, interesting color options, convenient tool shape, a small weight will not leave the child indifferent, and will certainly interest him. Take a look at these beautiful harmonicas, delight is guaranteed. These bright colorful products are manufactured by Hutsul masters.  Here are the main characteristics of the harmonica: - durable wooden body frame; - material for the instrument is plastic; - product dimensions: 13х3х2 сm; - cheerful color painting on wood. Internet store «Zgarda» has a wide range of handmade products from professional masters on wood. Wood is natural, eco-friendly and safe material. The wooden body frame of the model «ОПТ 01-33» is convenient for playing. It is noteworthy wh..
38.00 грн.
Mace 25х7 (Б 01-20)
Everyone who is close to the national culture and traditions of its people will like a very honorable and practical souvenir Ukrainian mace. The wooden mace can presented a gift to the boss, and also you can buy it as an element of decor for the house. We present the mace of natural wood, made by hand of Carpathian masters. As a symbol of ancient weapons and the power of the Cossacks, it has traditional thorns, carved handle and bright design. The mace model «Б 01-19» of 10 cm in diameter is made in two colors and has a length of 50 cm. There is a belt on the handle for convenience.   The carved mace at a low price is always available in our online store website. You can buy it, placing your order on this page of the site zgarda.com.ua.  ..
30.00 грн.
Moneybox-house 15х10х15 (КХ 01-02)
Moneybox in the form of a small house attracts attention without a doubt. The moneybox-house is handwork of the Hutsul master. The size of the handcraft is 19х10х17 сm. Moneybox is made of environmentally friendly natural wood spruce, has openable bottom which is fixed on the screws, also a slot for coins. The design allows removing collected coins from the moneybox. Thus, you will not have to break the moneybox, so you can use it for a long period of time. The product is made in the color of natural wood, it has an excellent appearance and looks good in the interior of the dwelling. You can buy this stylish thing at an attractive price in the Internet store «Zgarda».      Moneybox-house is a wonderful and a nice gift. It is convenient to put small coins into it. Children are especially pleased to such gifts, who often tend to accumulate a certain sum for t..
50.00 грн.
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The throwing toy 18х4 (ОПТ 02-29)
The history of ceramic whistles is not new. Whistles were part of pagan rituals. In those days whistles were made of ceramics. They corresponded to the gods, they were their prototypes and were made in the form of different animals. Thus solar gods were depicted as sheep or horses, fertility gods – in the form of goats, and the rulers of heaven we represented as birds, mostly cocks. Over time ceramic whistles have become talismans for people. We present the ceramic whistle «ОПТ 01-30» in the shape of a bird. It is made in the Hutsul region and has dimensions 6x3 cm. The peculiarity of the product is the ability to fill it with water, so you can get the pipe of a nightingale. You can use the website zgarda.com.ua to order whistles of clay. The wholesale purchase consists of 20 units, it is the minimum possible number of whistles. Today whistles are relevant, as well as many cen..
10.00 грн.
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Wooden arbalest  80х3х50 (ЛД 01-02)
The origin of arbalest takes the beginning from the Far East. For the manufacturing of the propellant apparatus masters used a variety of materials, and nowadays there are different bow-throwers. We suggest focusing your attention on one of the wooden arbalest kinds. You can buy one of the Hutsul arbalest variants on our website both in retail and wholesale. The thrower is remarkable because it has a high accuracy of fire, which, for example, a bow does not have. In fact it is a powerful bow, combined with a special propelling mechanism. It has found its application in sport, shooting, hunting. The wooden arbalest «ЛД 01-02» is a good gift for any boy. The product is made of wood and is an excellent alternative to the bow. By the way, it is easier to shoot with an arbalest. It has a greater comfort when firing and more precision. The pistol type arbalest, which is the model «Л..
100.00 грн.
Wooden birchen pencil 20х2 (ОПТ 01-29)
In the production of wooden pencils a special attention has been always paid to the material, as these products are made only of the neat straight wood. Unlike joinery, the wood without knots is used for pencil manufacturing. To this day the pencil has passed a long way in history. Mention of these writing accessories is found in the document in 1683, when wooden pencils had been already used. A great number of works of art were created using pencils. Today you have an opportunity to buy wooden pencils «ОПТ 01-29» by wholesale. Handcrafts are made of natural wood. These are birchen pencils with pastel refills inside that draw with corresponding colors. You can order the color pencils of wood in original birchen design in the amount from 20 units. A wide range of products is a guarantee of a good choice and the timely delivery of purchases at a price that will pleasantly surpri..
8.00 грн.
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Wooden bow  100х3 (ЛД 01-01)
We offer handmade bow, the authorship of which belongs to one of the Hutsul master. Bow has 1 meter long and is suitable for archery with arrows. Length of an arrow is 50 cm. The bow is made of wood and excellent flexes, due to the special manufacturing technology. Thus, beech wood is boiled according to special technique and gets flexibility. We recommend using wooden arrows. It is worth to buy the bow at least in order to learn how to shoot in such a way which our ancestors could do. You can buy handmade wooden bow at a low price in the Internet store «Zgarda». Please note there are discounts to wholesalers for this product. The price will be reduced with the purchase of 10 or more or 30 or more units.      ..
85.00 грн.
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Wooden machine 55х15х1 (OPT 02-51)
The model of the machine from the tree is what you need for an active game to a young adventurer who does not mind playing games. Boys like fighting, fighting, and playing a wooden machine, as a copy of the present, which, by the way, does not shoot pellets, will make it possible to protect the gameplay for children as much as possible.   Ordered in the store "Zgarda" wooden automatic machine, carved from a tree of beech and painted with a dye, very realistic, like a real weapon, that's why he will like every boy. The abstract weapon has the form of an automaton with corresponding apertures and projections. Color monophonic, rich, beautiful. The dimensions of the craft are 55x15x1 cm. One of the main features of the beech wood is its smoothness in the finished product, due to which the model of the machine is very pleasant to the touch, and children will not be able to sc..
50.00 грн.
Wooden penny whistle (ОПТ 01-32)
Penny whistles have come to us from ancient times. Our ancestors used them in magic rituals to affect the elements. Over time the ceremonial functions changed to a protective and whistles were used as amulets. Later, they simply become children's toys. There are different kinds of penny whistles – ceramic, plastic or wooden. These handcrafts are made of natural materials in the Hutsul region.  For example, these wooden penny whistles in the photo are made of wood. Master on wood sharpen them and grind, decorate and then cover with lacquer. A special feature of whistles made of wood is a good whistle, which can be obtained by blowing to the corresponding hole. The model «ОПТ 01-32» is the penny whistles in the form of animals (rabbits, bears, horses, cocks, etc.). Products dimensions are 7х4 сm. When ordering these whistles by wholesale, it is necessary to consider the variety..
10.00 грн.
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Wooden pipes  (ОПТ 01-27)
The popularity of a pipe is high, it is known in Europe and Asia, and, of course, it has gained great popularity among the Slavs. The timbre of a pipe is a little hoarse, bright. This instrument is used to perform folk music. The wooden pipe is also in great demand as a simple souvenir. With the development of tourism more and more guests of the Hutsul region buy pipes, whistles, harmonicas in the Ukrainian national style. The pipe model «ОПТ 01-27», presented on this page of the catalog, is a handmade product, chiseled of the hazel, grind and lacquered. Depending on the imagination of the master the pipes are painted in various colors, traditional patterns are applied on them. A child will accept such wooden pipe as a gift with pleasure. Because it is bright, and playing on it is fun. Only natural material – natural wood is used. Since the product is manufactured by hand, som..
9.00 грн.
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Wooden rifle 65х8х1 (OPT 02-50)
A curious and active child will be interested in playing with a toy wooden rifle, as many children love shooting games, and the hunt for growing men, like the main earners, is in the blood. A wooden rifle is a way to develop a lot of skills in a child, such as attention, dexterity, sharpness.   The toy is a wooden rifle so realistic that the child will willingly take up the game. And this despite the fact that the craft is made of wood - one of the most environmentally friendly materials. This product uses beech wood, partially painted. The material is of impeccable quality, durable, wear-resistant, not heavy, completely safe. Thanks to the transfer of dimensions (length 65 cm) and the forms of weapons that emphasize coloring, the toy evokes interest, although it is an abstract mock-up. The forge is perfectly smooth and can not hurt, all sharp edges are processed. &nb..
50.00 грн.
Wooden saber 42х13х3 (ОПТ 02-06)
The best choice Hutsul souvenir sabres are offered by Internet store «Zgarda». These are wooden souvenirs that are environmentally friendly. The value of such products is a manual operation and true beauty. Wooden sabers are in requisition among our buyers due to the masterly work, in the course of which traditional technology was used. We offer the saber as a toy, souvenir or interior item. The work piece of the sword of beech wood is well glued and polished. The model «ОПТ 02-06» has dimensions of 42х13х3 сm. You can always buy a saber in our online store. It is possible to make a wholesale purchase from 10 units on the website zgarda.com.ua at an attractive price.    ..
19.00 грн.
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Wooden saber 42х13х3 (ОПТ 02-41)
The best choice Hutsul souvenir sabres are offered by Internet store «Zgarda». These are wooden souvenirs that are environmentally friendly. The value of such products is a manual operation and true beauty. Wooden sabers are in requisition among our buyers due to the masterly work, in the course of which traditional technology was used. We offer the saber as a toy, souvenir or interior item. The work piece of the sword of beech wood is well glued and polished. The model «ОПТ 02-06» has dimensions of 42х13х3 сm. You can always buy a saber in our online store. It is possible to make a wholesale purchase from 10 units on the website zgarda.com.ua at an attractive price.    ..
15.00 грн.
Wooden saber 42х13х3 (ОПТ 02-42)
One of the most popular types of wooden toy weapons is the ax. What is it attractive for a child? First of all, an exact copy of a real ax, from size to shape. Such a toy for a boy is an interesting gift. The advantages of a wooden ax are environmentally friendly, durable, lack of sharp corners, a large selection.   Wholesale wooden axes can be bought in the store "Zgarda" in the amount of 10 or more toys. We sell quality beech toper at a pleasant price. The products are tinted, polished, guaranteeing the absence of shingles. If you want to choose a wooden ax, we suggest to do this in a photo, all the pictures are real, made from samples of our products.   Now many parents know why it's worth to prefer a toy made of natural material. The tree, in particular the beech, perfectly holds the shape, has a gentle shade that is not heavy, is well processed, which al..
27.00 грн.
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