Шкіра овеча 120х75 (ШО 01-18)

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To the admirers of extravagant bright things we offer sheep skin, painted in bright orange color. Buy one or more of these skins to create an appropriate atmosphere in the home. Use them on the floor or as rugs on armchairs and sofas, give your home more brightness and light. The skin of the sheep with dyed wool is a find for a modern stylist who does not want his house to be gloomy. Bright orange skins make the home truly unique and attractive. Buy this eye-catching thing and visitors will be more likely to visit your home!
If you value originality and simplicity, you should buy a natural sheepskin. A great option for such a skin on the floor will be for the children's room. We assure you that the children will be satisfied with your choice! Shepherd in the nursery promotes child's health, because among its properties - improvement of blood circulation and microcirculation. The sheep's hair is hypoallergenic, which is very important for a baby bed or bedroom, especially if one of the households is prone to allergies. Use sheepskin actively, do not be afraid to contaminate it because it does not attract dirt or dust. The colored skin has the same healing power, as well as the usual sheep skin.
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