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Ancient symbolics often present in metal products, which are made by Hutsul master. It has come to us from time immemorial, when people were still worshiping to pagan gods. One of the central and main pagan symbols was a cross, symbolizing the creation of the world. A variation of the cross «svarga», which is also called «swastika» or «four legs». This symbol is found in almost all ancient cultures of the world. It is not surprising that such symbolics are also taking place in the Carpathians. It is minted on bronze casting, and then engraved.

Bronze zgarda «ЗБ 01-07» (1,5 х1сm), called «svarga», is original, you can look at it infinitely. Ceramic corals are strung on a metal wire on either side of the cross. They are very common in the Carpathian breast ornaments for women and are an integral part of zgardas. Since zgarda is the most popular amulet for girls among people of the Hutsul region, it can be presented on the occasion of Name day to the goddaughter, and it will be a very symbolic gift.

Ancient technology of zgarda's manufacturing is being handed down from generation to generation for centuries. In our days products made by the Hutsul craftsman Orest Oniskiv are in high demand. 

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