Яка ж банька без запашних віників? Банний віник з дубового листя - ідеальний для лазні, адже він як ніякий інший має на організм відновлює дію, очищає, протизапальну. Хочете, щоб ваша шкіра після баньки виглядала, немов шкіра немовляти? Банний віник зробить її пружною і гладенькою, адже в дубових листках знаходяться дубильні речовини, які надають при контакті з шкірою «молодильні» ефект. 
Масаж і поплескування дубовим банним віником нормалізують кровообіг, лазневі процедури з віником очищають шкіру. Придбати віники з листя дуба і відправиться з ними в баню - відмінний рада людям, страждаючим підвищеним тиском. Дубовий запах нормалізує роботу кровоносної системи, а також знижує кров'яний тиск. 
Купити лазневі віники - значить, потурбуватися про своє здоров'я! Якщо ви любите лазню або хочете зробити близьким оригінальний і одночасно корисний подарунок, купуйте незамінний банний атрибут - віник. Тим більше, що вартість віників дуже демократична. Лазня з віником - гарантія відмінної задоволення і ефективної користі. Ароматні, корисні віники з листяних порід дерев за демократичною ціною - для вашого відпочинку!
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The thermometer for a bath 50х12 (GB 01-02)
Bath and sauna are places with high fluctuations in temperature and humidity, therefore the selection of a thermometer for a bath requires a special approach. First of all, the thermometer must have a suitable temperature scale. Bath thermometer "GB 01-02" is designed for temperatures in the range 0-120 ° C.   The alcohol thermometer, in a case made of natural wood, allows you to control the temperature of the air in the room during the bathing procedures. What is important for human health, because too high temperatures can have a detrimental effect on the body.   We note the complete safety of this thermometer, the wood is 100% environmentally friendly, and there is no mercury in the thermometer, and therefore no harmful fumes are emitted. The dimensions of the product are 50x12 cm. Additionally, the thermometer is decorated with laser engraving elements, w..
350.00 грн.
The thermometer for a bath 50х12 (GB 01-03)
A steam room thermometer is a must. Being in conditions of elevated temperatures, it is important to control the bath process from and to. Moreover, any temperature fluctuation is undesirable. So, in the sauna or bath can be too hot (which is unsafe and promises various health complications). At the same time, insufficiently high temperature is not suitable in order to get all the desired effect from pairwise procedures. Therefore, the use of a thermometer for a bath is quite justified. For example, you can choose a wooden thermometer that is practical and not demanding on humidity, accurate, durable, and safe due to the lack of mercury. If a glass flask accidentally breaks, then such a thermometer will not bring harm to health.   Hutsul bath thermometer is made of wood and decorated with plastic thread. The GB 01-03 model has a rectangular linden casing and a scale f..
350.00 грн.
Wooden hanger 22х12х9 (ВД 01-60)
There are different versions of why wooden objects in the interior are so popular. One option is the natural living energy of the tree, which can be brought into the house, and it positively affects the residential atmosphere. Undoubtedly, higher requirements are imposed on the modern hanger than to hangers from the past, but the wood itself remains unchanged.   The hanger made of beech wood "VD 01-60" is compact, only 22х12х9 cm, it is four hooks and is most often applied right at the entrance. Exceptionally simple in the design decision, what attracts connoisseurs of minimalism who are not averse to supplement the home environment with natural materials, without cluttering it with heavy outdoor hangers.   The wood is finished with varnish, with thread elements. The product is attached to the wall using self-tapping screws, the holes for which are located at..
70.00 грн.
Wooden hanger 27х20х9 (ВД 01-61)
Wooden original hanger from the Hutsuls, despite its small size, quickly finds admirers. A small (27x20x9 cm), but very stylish coat hanger on the wall will decorate and complement the functionality of any room where it is used. For example, it is indispensable in a narrow hallway where it is very difficult to place a large clothes rack.   The hanger model "VD 01-61" is made of Carpathian beech wood and varnished, its design implies smooth lines, a little thread and, of course, hooks. Despite its modest size, the hanger has as many as four hooks for clothes. The product is made without the use of dyes, it retains the original color of the wood and its texture, it is attached to the wall using four screws, holes for which are prepared at the base of the craft. Hanging the product can be at any height, according to your desire and based on the situation.   The ..
120.00 грн.
Wooden hanger 42х12х8 (ВД 01-62)
The hanger in the entrance hall in the online store "Zgarda" is easy to pick up, the range is wide and interesting, to take, for example, a hanger in the form of three hearts that can be hanged in the hallway, dressing room and in any other room requiring it.   Handmade craftsmanship, made of high quality wood, varnished, looks very neat, well suited to the interior, which already has wooden furniture, perfectly harmonizes with light wood. By functionality, our hanger is not inferior to others, and in some cases excels, because it has three double metal hooks for clothes, while not occupying much space on the wall. The product can be positioned horizontally, two hinges for the fasteners.   The product is carved from popular wood beech, not only known for strength, durability, aesthetics, but also magical properties. For example, wood has a positive effect on ..
200.00 грн.
Wooden stand for glasses 35x16 (OPT 02-48)
To buy glasses is half the battle, the main thing is to buy a good stand for their storage. We recommend a wooden glass stand that solves the problem of storing glass or ceramic products at a time. You can use it for completely different glasses, both low and high. The thing is indispensable in every home, with its help you can dry the glasses after washing, and also keep a whole set of handy items at hand, which is actual for the kitchen and office.   Dryers for glasses in this design are very comfortable, stable, ecological, do not allow the glasses to slip. The model "OPT 02-48" of universal dimensions (35х16 cm), it is demountable, wooden (beech), finished with carving, has a varnish coating.    A wooden stand for glasses without a pallet, and therefore does not accumulate water, which every now and then in drying with supports must be drained. Advan..
100.00 грн.
Віник банний 40х30х10 (ВБ 01-01)
Віник з дубового гілля та листя незамінний при парні в бані. ..
25.00 грн.
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