Рушник вишитий(РВ 01-30)

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Traditionally, it was customary in Ukrainian houses to embroider and use household items with embroidery. If we remember what our grandmothers embroidered, then this is mainly shirts and towels.
Of course, the embroidery of Huzulschina deserves special attention. Firstly, it is easy to recognize, thanks to its techniques, patterns and colors. Secondly, geometric drawings on the canvas are embroidered here since antiquity, and their apparent simplicity only once again proves the great history of Hutsul embroidery. It can be learned if there is a desire to embroider, but also now it is not a problem to buy a ready-made embroidered towel with elements of Hutsul embroidery. Original products you will always find in the store "Zgarda".
We represent towel "РВ 01-30" in a set with napkins. Dimensions towels - 30x65 cm, napkins - 22x30 cm. The set consists of woven towels and napkins, which along the edges have fringe. In the form of decorations with horizontal ribbon stripes they embroider traditional Hutsul patterns in a red-brown color scheme. In a set - six napkins and one towel.
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