The towel embroidered 32х200 (RV 01-38)

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The famous Hutsul embroidered towels are known all over the world. Numerous tourists visiting the Carpathians are pleased to bring with them as embroidered souvenirs these embroidered products, which are the hallmark of Ukraine. Only natural fabrics are used for embroidery of towels, such as a woven cloth, which has long been symbolic of the Ukrainian people. Hutsul towels are used in a combination of several styles, all of which belong to regions that are closely related. In Lemko, Hutsul and Polissia ornaments, traditional yarn colors (blue and blue, red and black, yellow and green) are used.
We recommend a towel embroidered "RV 01-38" (32x200cm) from a homespun cloth with embroidery with Ukrainian threads in blue and blue. It is a ceremonial towel that can be used for wedding celebrations and weddings, as well as for decorating icons in churches and at home. The bottom of the product is decorated with white fringe, which gives it an elegant look.
Zgard online store offers several models of ceremonial towels, which are hand-made by the Transcarpathian masters at reasonable prices.
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