Вишиванки чоловічі

Вишиванки чоловічі
Традиційна українська народна чоловіча вишиванка, виконана гуцульськими майстринями в українському народному стилі - неодмінний предмет одягу в гардеробі кожного сучасного українського чоловіки. І це не жарт! У сучасному світі популярність чоловічих вишитих сорочок зростає з кожним роком. 
А все тому, що відродженню народних традицій, українських національних звичаїв, автентичної української одязі приділяється все більше і більше уваги. 
Сьогодні вишита українська чоловіча сорочка - це не тільки яскравий сценічний костюм, це повноправний предмет гардероба, який надягають не тільки на національні українські свята, а й на будь-які інші урочисті та важливі заходи - весілля, сватання, хрестини, батьківщини. 
У сучасній чоловічий вишиванці об'єдналися ті стилі, з першого погляду які важко об'єднати: вона - це і молодіжний одяг для свят і вечірок, вона - це і сорочка під діловий костюм. 
Кожна ниточка, кожен колір, кожен візерунок і орнамент - все оберігає, примножує успіх і щастя, зберігає любов. Купити вишиванку можна с доставкою по Києву та Україні.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-01)
Men's embroidered shirt is a symbol of courage. Only in the case of embroidery of such clothes by the hands of a mistress who puts into her work soul and inspiration, embroidery and embroidered patterns on it have the strength of their spirit.   Represented on this page zgarda.com.ua embroidery made of linen fabric and embroidered threads of DMC, which otherwise called French. Threads of this quality do not lose color after washing, and the ornament for a long time remains bright and beautiful. Note that on this shirt embroidered typical Kosmak ornament. It is made of threads of warm sunshine - brown, beige, red, yellow. The embroidery is carried out on the front of the product, on the collar, and also on the sleeves. Order vyshyvanka for a man in the online store "Zgarda" on flax or on a home-made canvas with a sleeve of any length. The deadline is 21 days. In the pr..
3500.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-02)
Men's embroidery is a symbol of the strength of which the shirt is endowed by the artist himself with his inspiration and pure soul. Embroidered handmade embroidery of national Ukrainian ornaments provides special energy.   We offer to choose a beautiful stylish modern model of flax. On a natural white fabric, embroidered beautiful patterns that create a magnificent ornament. The cosmic embroidery, made of threads of green and gray shades, is famous for you. The threads used for embroidery patterns are the so-called French yarns (DMZs). They perfectly keep their color after washing, so the embroidery stays the same as on a new shirt. The product is a shirt with a short sleeve and a rack. The ornament is embroidered exclusively by hand, it looks luxurious and gives the shirt an impeccable look. The model looks good in combination with jeans or a jacket.   The ..
4500.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-03)
Men's shirt with embroidery is a symbol of the Cossack spirit! Every modern Ukrainian has to wear a stylish and beautiful embroidery in her wardrobe.   Wonderful plant ornament is made of threads of pink and beige shades. It is advantageously combined with white flax, from which the shirt itself is made. Stand and edge of sleeves are embroidered with a pattern in the main tone, which is located on the front of the product. For embroidery, the wizard uses French threads (DMCs) that do not change their color after washing. A short-sleeved shirt will add more comfort in the heat, so many Ukrainian men prefer tufted embroidery in the summer. When buying an embroidered vest in the online store Zgarda, you can be sure that you are buying a quality item and this item will last for several years.   Among the features of the model: • Hand embroidery; • Chains;..
2000.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-04)
For stylish Ukrainians we recommend a fashionable vivid vintage with an ornament, traditional for the famous cosmetics embroidery. The combination of juicy colors of white, burgundy and pink gives the product an elegant solemn appearance. In such an embroidered shirt, you can visit any festive event.   Embroidery with a very rich ornament embroidered with filament yarns, often referred to as French. These threads are of high quality and are used in embroidery, so that the ornament keeps the original appearance as long as possible. The product of flax, light and practical material, often used for Ukrainian embroidery, will serve you for many years. The ornament is wide, elegant. It is located on the front, rack and sleeves. A short sleeve product is an ideal choice for the summer.   The term of embroidery is 21 days. We recommend to look the whole range of emb..
2600.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-05)
We present you a beautiful men's embroidery with a beautiful national pattern, made of white and beige threads. Traditional hand-embroidered shirt on flax with rich ornament on the front, rack, cuff sleeves and bottom of the product. The rack is decorated with a national decoration of threads of golden-beige tint with tassels. A product made by our Hutsul masters in the best Ukrainian traditions is presented to you. Looking at such a shirt, you will undoubtedly feel the positive energy that the wizard gives his embroidery. It is worth buying an embroidered shirt to find a gorgeous shield that protects and protects each time you wear embroidery.   Features of the model "HF 01-05": • Luxurious Kosmak Ornament; • linen cloth; • Color threads of SMC; • Short sleeve and stable.   Used in embroidery threads of SMC (French) are resistant to color, so..
2600.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-06)
After some calm, the popularity of the Ukrainian embroidered shirt, which is a symbol of courage and the Cossack spirit of spirit, is reviving. An exclusive men's vyshyvanka, made in a unique ethnic style, perfectly demonstrates love and respect for the traditions of our ancestors and to Ukraine itself - a country that is sacred to us.   Embroidery of men's "HF 01-06" is made of flax, with a long sleeve, framed with fine embroidery along the edges. The front part of the shirt is adorned with a complex ornament embroidered with filaments of DMC, as well as a delicate net that harmonizes with embroidery. The collar-proof vyshyvanka is decorated with the same fine embroidery as on the edges of the sleeves, as well as a lace cuff, perfectly combined with the embroidery style. Threads of DMC, so-called French folks, do not lose their color after washing. Ornament of the famous..
2400.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-07)
According to the old Ukrainian tradition, a craftsman who works with embroidery should definitely invest in his embroidery with his soul, skill and good wishes, then the shirt could serve as a shield, protect from the "evil eye" and bring the owner of embroidery health and good luck. The symbol of Cossack courage is embroidery - and to this day raises courage and strength of spirit and at the same time allows you to be stylish, keep up with the fashion and enjoy great popularity.   Embroidered men's "HF 01-07" with short sleeves made of flax, perfectly suited to classical men's clothing and jeans. Exquisite embroidery with green dominant and extra pink and blue threads for the owner of embroidery creates a romantic image. Embroidery style - the famous cosmic embroidery. Note that the threads of DMZ at the time of washing do not mow, and this is an important detail, since ..
2500.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-08)
Every Ukrainian is a patriot of his native land. The spirit of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks flits over our land and, seeing the embroidery, the true man imagines himself protecting our native Ukrainian land on a hot horse with a sword in his hands.   Embroidery of men's "HF 01-08" with short sleeves, made of linen, embroidered with French filaments (DMC). The rich ornament adorns the collar-rack and the edge of short sleeves. The front part of the shirt is embroidered with a wide ornament of the famous cosmetic embroidery. Patterns combine red, green and yellow tones in their color scheme. The edges of the ornament adorn the rich network, giving the shirt an even more elegant look. This embroidery is very festive and can be used during all kinds of celebrations. Such an embroidered shirt can be ordered on the site zgarda.com.ua, the term for making an individual order is 21 ..
4200.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-09)
Embroidered shirts for men are perfectly harmonious with both classic trousers and jeans. For those who prefer a free style, they will be just by the way. The original embroidery that adorns the shirt will give the husband confidence and independence, refresh the color of the face, emphasize courage. Vishivanka can be put on any celebration, official reception, holiday or business meeting.   Embroidery of men's "HF 01-09", made of linen, embroidered with threads of DMC, which do not melt while washing. A thin ornament of the famous cosmetics embroidery, adorns the front part of the shirt and the edge of long sleeves. In addition to the ornament there is a sophisticated net on the edges of embroidery. The collar-rack is also decorated with fine embroidery and decor with tufts on thin threads. Embroidered shirt is very elegant, light and causes only positive emotions. &..
2400.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-10)
Zgarda's online store offers a wide range of men's embroidery, which allows any man to pick an embroidered shirt to your liking. Note that embroidered shirts differ from each other not only with material and pattern, but also a crochet. The proposed models can be used in the summer (they have a short sleeve), and in cool weather we offer long-sleeved embroidery.   The embroidery of the male "HF 01-10" is made of flax and embroidered with filament yarns. Such threads do not melt while washing, look great in embroidery. The famous Kosmac ornament, like no other, accurately reflects the strong spirit of Ukrainians. In this embroidery perfectly combines three colors: the dominant blue, beige and brown. Sleeves of long sleeves and a collar stand are decorated with a thin ornament. The collar has brushes with ties. Such a composition creates an impression of lightness and festi..
2400.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-11)
If you want to buy clothes that has the power of ornament and spirit, we offer to buy a man's embroidery with a very rich handmade embroidery from the Hutsul master. On this page of the site is presented a refined men's shirt with a classic rack. The product is embroidered with traditional patterns that refer to cosmetic embroidery. The national ornament is embroidered with a cross in red-brown tones. Gently embroidered squares and stripes create a wonderful composition that emphasizes the beauty of Ukrainian embroidery.   Features of the model "HF 01-11": • Rich hand embroidery; • Short sleeves with embroidered cuffs; • Housewarming cloth; • French thread (DMC); • Rack with white-threaded decor with tufts.   The special technology of thread processing allows us to assert about the stability of colors that do not burn in the sun and do not..
3600.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-12)
Very beautiful chiffon embroidered man's handmade ornament. Collar-rack and feather products embroidered with colored threads. Blue cornflowers in the frame of a geometric pattern look very impressive on a white canvas. The pattern repeats at the edges of short sleeves. This embroidery is suitable for a modern Ukrainian who wants to look stylish and fashionable. Thanks to the color scheme used by the wizard on this TV, the shirt can be combined with branded jeans. The decor, made of white threads, located at the rack, he freshens the shirt well. Embroidered linen and home-made linen shirts are very practical and comfortable in a sock, always look stylish, and they can be put on both a celebration and a business meeting. You can choose a fabric for making such an embroiderer independently from two variants: a home-made cloth or flax. Note that any of these fabrics is great for summer, ..
3600.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-13)
Embroidered shirt as the brightest symbol of our country is now very popular. These beautiful clothes were worn by our ancestors. Ornaments on a man's shirt, embroidered by hand, carried magical power.   We introduce the Hutsul embroidery from the home-made cloth with a traditional cross-stitch embroidery with yellow, green, red threads of DMC, commonly referred to as French. Patterns embroidered with such threads have a bright color range and excellent resistance. These threads do not scary washing and burning rays of the sun, the ornament remains as bright and rich. The shirt on the long sleeve has an embroidery on the front, a rack and cuffs. Sleeve is long.   Handmade is highly valued all over the world, and today we offer a unique opportunity to buy a real Ukrainian embroidery at an affordable price! You can be sure that the embroidery from the online st..
2400.00 грн.
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Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-14)
To buy an embroidered vesture that really protects and has the power of ornamentation, one should prefer only handmade. For example, a male embroidered shirt "HF 01-14" from the online store "Zgarda". It is made of home-made cloth, which is known to be of excellent quality and is often used to make embroidery. On the shirt embroidered ornament in the form of vertical stripes with geometric patterns throughout the length, embroidery is repeated on cuffs of long sleeves and on the rack. Patterns are bright and rich. For embroidery, the mistress uses green, brown, beige and blue tones. As a decoration on the rack there is a white twisted lace with the tassels. It is noteworthy that such embroidery can be worn by the owners of any color of the eye, due to the variety of shades in the Hutsul ornament.   On the site zgarda.com.ua there are many variants of embroidery for men, a..
2800.00 грн.
Вишиванка чоловіча комір 38-45 (ВЧ 01-15)
The combination of a white home-made cloth, rich Hutsul ornament and the skill of an embroidery creates a real Ukrainian men's embroidery, which you can always buy at zgarda.com.ua on favorable terms.   In front of you - a hand embroidery, which gives clothes a special force. The geometric patterns of rhombuses and a sophisticated grid on the front of the shirt give the product a richer look. The ornament is embroidered with filaments of DMZ, which are otherwise called French. These threads do not lose their color after washing, which guarantees persistent paints and juicy colors for a long period of time. Patterns in a red-brown range with bright yellow accents will come to the rescue of Ukrainian carousel. The edge of long sleeves is also decorated with beautiful embroidery, the rack is decorated with a white torn string with tufts.   Before making an order..
3800.00 грн.
Вишиванки чоловічі
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