Dairy ceramics

Dairy ceramics

Ceramic kitchenware is always highly valued, and fairly considered to be a very aesthetic, practical, functional and durable. This kind of dishes is made of natural clay by hands of Hutsul masters. Besides its direct assignment these dishes are the great decorations for interior. Every handcraft saves the warmth of the skilled craftsman who made it. Thanks to this the potteries bring the atmosphere of harmony and coziness into any house.

A qualitative ceramic jezve will be an excellent present for dear and loved ones, friends, and colleagues. There is a wide range of such kind handcrafts in the catalogue of Internet store «Zgarda». The pottery has a wide choice of sizes, forms, and the variety of ornaments on handcrafts. If you decide to buy a ceramic jezve, you won't regret about it, because it will serve you for many years and delight the eye every time while drinking this favorite beverage.

Our store «Zgarda» offers not only the wide range of dishes and souvenirs, but also attractive prices that will become a pleasant surprise for every visitor of the website. We have a high level of service and quick delivery across the Ukraine.  

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Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-41)
On milk ceramics is not otherwise said, as a warm dish, which is nice to cook. Dishes from pots of milk ceramics acquire a unique taste and aroma. Still, because the smell of buns accompanies the process of milking, which goes through the dishes. Otherwise, it can not be - tasty those preparations that are laid in a pot of clay, processed in this way.   Pottery milk "KM 01-41" - a vessel with a narrow neck for food, volume of 2.5 liters. It is suitable for use in everyday life in any conditions, and, of course, in the oven and microwave. The dishes have a traditional for dairy roasting color - a characteristic heterogeneous brown shade, obtained by clay for some period of time while in the oven. Milk film on the ceramic baked and creates a strong barrier, preventing the porosity of the clay, so that the pots become tight and do not absorb moisture.   The mode..
350.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-42)
If you choose eco-friendly dishes, as an option you can buy milk pottery. In the production of such dishes are not used chemicals. Clay pots undergo an ancient method of processing, as a result of which they acquire an unusual color and are endowed with strength and durability.   Moloching involves dipping a pot, baked in a special oven, into natural cow's milk. Exactly! Because the thin milk film envelops the dishes from all sides, and then, after drying, it is baked, coloring and closing the pores of clay, so that the pot does not absorb moisture. And except for milk, clay is not processed, except for the pattern on the outside.   Pottery milk "KM 01-42" (2.5 liters) has an ornament in yellow-green tones, it is very effective, beautifully complements the ceramics and brightly stands out on a brownish background. The paintings are made exclusively by hand in..
350.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-43)
Probably, every hostess will confirm that the clay pot is irreplaceable in the kitchen. Considerable popularity in Ukraine has makithra - wide dishes, narrowed to the bottom. In makitra it is convenient to knead dough, grind poppy to the Christmas table, serve vareniki, store pies, etc.   You can buy quality makitra from Hutsulshchina in the store "Zgarda". Pot ceramic, without a cover, with a list. The Hutsul craftsman's product can be used in the oven to bake your favorite preparations, also the makithra is suitable for a microwave oven, in which you can warm up or bake some dish. The volume of the vessel is 2 liters. The design is truly Ukrainian, with a delicate decoration in the upper part and a painted pattern in the middle. Ornament is made by hand paints of orange and green color, varnished.   In the model "KM 01-43", milking is used. Milk ceramics is..
250.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-44)
A wonderful marmalade from clay included an online store "Zgarda" in its assortment. I must say that vareniki - a favorite delicacy of Ukrainians, so dishes for flour dishes are very much in demand. Prepared vareniki with potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese, meat, cherries and many other national fillings, and served - traditionally in clay marmalade.   Pottery dairy "KM 01-44" - an ideal option for the reception of guests, as well as for a family dinner. With a capacity of 2.5 liters, the marmalade offers a wide range of possibilities for cooks, in such a pot with a lid, you can cook a wide variety of dishes in the oven or microwave cabinet. Note that the color of the product is a peculiar brownish, through which the natural color of the clay is seen through, in places, both outside and inside. So it should be, because it is a milk roasting in the oven, giving the hermetic..
400.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-45)
If you want to buy an eco-friendly clay pot, exactly the same as it was made in the old days, we recommend paying attention to milk ceramics. The peculiarity of this ceramics lies in the manufacturing process, which necessarily includes "bathing" in milk. When the dishes are baked in the oven, the milk foil is stored on it, protecting the clay, covering the pores in order to use the pot for a long time, and it has not lost its appearance. As a result, ceramics receives a characteristic color, which is characterized by heterogeneity.   Very beautiful milk ceramics, in particular varenichnitsa with paintings, is offered in the online store "Zgarda". The dish has a volume of 2.5 liters, consists of a pot in the form of a low maketra with handles and a lid. The muffin "KM 01-45" is traditionally painted with colors by hand, the entire pattern is varnished. In the durabili..
400.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-46)
For a large family and a friendly company, we suggest choosing 0.5 liter varenichnits made of clay according to old technology. This - milk ceramics, known throughout Ukraine, thanks to the milk roasting. Noble brown color gives utensils high decorative qualities that allows to use it for holidays and celebrations.   Pottery dairy "KM 01-46" portioned; has a rounded and narrowed to the bottom form, and the top is closed with a lid. This capacity, in fact, is universal. Suitable for dumplings, ravioli, casseroles, roast, in short, for a wide variety of home preparations. Used in the oven and microwave. You can bake your guests and immediately serve dishes in small pots with heat and heat, surprising everyone with your culinary talents.   Buy clay ceramics is on occasion and for a gift, it will perfectly complement the collection of dishes of every modern hoste..
150.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-47)
Ukrainian dairy ceramics at an affordable price - this is real, if you choose to buy an online store "Zgarda." We recommend to buy a clay mug with a beautiful pattern, made by hand. Masters paint products with colored paints, and only the patterns are varnished. Inside the cups and pots are not processed and remain completely safe.   In the clay mug "KM 01-47" you can pour any drinks, both cold and hot, because the dishes are heat-resistant. Therefore it can be used in an oven or microwave to warm up drinks. A 250 g cup has a comfortable wide and reliable handle.   The color of the product is traditionally light brown, achieved by baking the pots in swords after the milking. Just a few minutes in milk, and the product is again fired at high temperature. The result is a strong and non-absorbent cup.   The mug is very decorative, it's impossible no..
150.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-48)
Quite popular is the Turk of clay. Its merits - in naturalness, aroma of coffee, saturation with oxygen of a coffee drink. Choose clay Turks also because they have a very democratic price, just this - in the online store "Zgarda." Here you will find Hutsul milk ceramics with traditional decorations and carvings.   Milk ceramics "KM 01-48" is painted with red-orange patterns of plant subjects. The painting is exclusively manual. On top of the lacquer coating, it allows the paint to hold better, which extends the life of the product at high temperatures. Milk ceramics can be placed in the oven or, if desired, in a microwave oven and cook coffee in it. The Turk has a volume of 250 ml, that is, it allows you to cook one or two or three small cups of a fragrant drink at a time.   Note that the color of the ceramic is obtained without the use of dyes in the manufac..
220.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-49)
More and more pottery comes into everyday life, not exception - teapots. Tea traditions exist in different countries of the world, and in Ukraine at all times used pottery. Clay teapot will become for you a real discovery, if you are an admirer of quality tea.   The correct choice of a teapot will help make a souvenir shop from the Hutsul edge of "Zgarda". Here they sell milk ceramics, in which there is not a single drop of chemistry. The only exception is the varnished pattern, in which the varnish is used to impart gloss and strength to the ornament. By itself, utensils completely made of clay, made according to the norms of milking by baking in the oven. It is certainly worth saying that it is painted by hand by craftsmen. As the clay passed the firing process, a 1-liter teapot can be used in the oven and in the microwave.   The product is original, high-q..
300.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-50)
Figures, vases, pots are the most common clay products. They are easy to find in any home. Another thing - the quality of clay crafts, which is not always pleasing with decorative, durability, practicality.   Pottery dairy in the niche of earthenware takes a leading position and that's why: milking allows you to block all the pores in the clay after baking in the oven, which makes the pots resistant to moisture. In addition, such dishes do not absorb odors and can be used for all sorts of food.   Pottery dairy model "KM 01-50" has a number of advantages, above all - the traditional shape for the pot. The pot is rounded convex, equipped with two handles, a lid and is complemented by a beautiful hand-painted painting. The dishes are painted with bright orange paint, and on top for reliability the pattern is varnished. Pot volume - 2.5 liters. The ceramics are v..
450.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-51)
Pottery so firmly established in the homes of Ukrainians, that without maketr, plates and pots it is difficult to imagine Ukrainian cuisine. For such products, a special clay is used, which is rich in mineral composition. After passing the firing process, the dishes become firm, but not completely lose their porosity. High durability is obtained by milk ceramics, thanks to the milking, which has become widespread.   Milk ceramics "KM 01-51" has an old design; coloring natural, without the use of dyes; is obtained after baking with a special temperature regime. Many people really like this dish because of the smoothness, there are no rough edges. In addition, the pots get a nice shine.   Kettle "KM 01-51" is worth buying true admirers of tea. It can be prepared with 1 liter of beverage or used for pure boiling water. To heat the water in it, you can put the ke..
300.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-52)
Receiving the baking of products in the oven after dipping into milk is very ancient, after it does not require glaze coating. We recommend dairy ceramics to all connoisseurs of quality. Pottery products from the online store "Zgarda" are distinguished by author's painting on clay and traditional manufacture. In the process of producing dishes, chemical components are practically not used, except for the varnish coating of colored patterns.   We propose to give preference to the pot "KM 01-52" with a beautiful ornament. There is a complete hand-painted with varnishing. The volume of the bowl is 0.5 liters. You can use the dishes in the oven (oven) or microwave cabinet. The pot has a comfortable wide handle and a pleasant light brown color that turns a little darker in the grooves.   Note that the color of clay occurs during the baking of milk. Milk-covered it..
100.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-53)
Milk pottery is not only a practical dish that you can use every day, but also a wonderful addition to the master's kitchen. It in itself - the decor, especially brightly looks in colorful interiors aimed at the national style.   You can buy in the store "Zgarda" high-quality dairy ceramics for every taste, for example, a bowl of the model "KM 01-53". The peculiarity of the bowl is in the design, it is a deep round bowl with a capacity of 0.5 liters. On the sides of the outside hand-painted, it can be clearly seen in the photo. The paints do not shed, because they are varnished. Feel free to use the plate for heating and baking in modern ovens, in the oven, in the microwave.   Milk ceramics have a characteristic brownish-red hue and are made by potters using the method of calcining the milk film in the oven. She does not take away the decorativeness, and ther..
150.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-54)
It is sometimes very difficult to describe the color of milk ceramics, because the color scheme depends on the conditions and duration of baking dishes. Sometimes it has a shade of ocher, sometimes it gets a dark brown tone, but usually with the technology of the pots get a noble brown color, for which aesthetes appreciate milk ceramics.   We have a wide choice of dishes of milk ceramics and we suggest to pay attention to pots in volume of 0,5 l. They are decorated with hand-painted with varnish. This pot is used for baking in the oven or in a microwave oven. It has a lid, which allows you to prepare meals in a qualitative way, preserving their taste and juiciness. Also it is worth remembering that it is possible to get the most fragrant casseroles in clay ware, such is the feature of natural material.   Modern decorators willingly use pottery and ornaments a..
150.00 грн.
Milk ceramics  (КМ 01-55)
Ceramic mug "KM 01-55" is characterized by a slightly narrowed to the bottom form, a characteristic color from roasting with milk, spectacular patterns, ergonomic handle, a volume of 300 ml. The painting is executed by hand, for reliability it is covered with varnish. There is no lacquer inside the product, the dishes are completely ecological and suitable for food products.   Milk ceramics can be safely attributed to retro dishes, because they made it in the old days. Since ancient items are extremely popular, the model of the cup "KM 01-55" will find a place in every house, where they follow the fashion trends in the interior. A considerable advantage of such utensils is the complete absence of chemicals inside, exactly where food is in contact with clay. It is convenient that such a cup can be used in an oven or microwave, it will not burst from high temperatures. At t..
100.00 грн.
Dairy ceramics
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